It’s about time of the year we, teachers and educators, start getting ready for the start of a new school year. To help make this return as smooth as possible, I am sharing with you this collection of back to school worksheets and printables to use with your students in class. 

These worksheets offer tons of first week of school ideas and activities from getting to know me activities to find a friend games, you will definitely not run short of ideas to employ during those first days of the new school year.

1. Back to School Worksheets by Super Teacher

Super Teacher Worksheets  offers a wide variety of free back to school printables to use especially in the first week of school. These include All About Me Poster, Secret Code Puzzle (students try to decode secret back to school messages from the teacher), Back to School Word Search, Classroom Friends Game (a good game to help students make new friends on the first day of school), Explore Your Classroom, Addition Mystery Picture, Mystery Graph (e.g., Apple, School Bus, School House, etc), Tell Me About Yourself worksheets, Reading Surveys (helps discover students reading interests), First Day of School Poem, Personal Introduction, and many more. 

While a number of these worksheets are available for free, to have unlimited access to all printable resources on Super Teacher Worksheets you need to become a member. There is an individual membership which costs $24.95 per year and a School Building Site license which provides unlimited access for all teachers within a single school for $375.00 per year.

2- Classroom Rules Posters and Worksheets by Canva

Canva, the popular design platform offers a wide range of beautifully designed classroom rules posters that you can use as back to school resources with your students in class. These posters are fully customizable so you can edit them the way you want. One way to use these posters is to engage the whole class in discussions around the rules  to regulate classroom interaction. 

By incorporating a collaborative group-based approach, students feel their voices are valued and will have a heightened sense of accountability towards the rules they themselves have set or agreed on. Once you come up with the list of rules, use one of the Classroom Rules templates in Canva, open them in the editor and customize them to your liking. Once finished, print and hang the final poster on the classroom wall. To learn more about Canva and how to use in your teaching, I recommend reading Canva Teachers review.

3- Back to School Worksheets by has this large collection of pre-designed back to school printable worksheets to use in your class. You can browse the collection by grade (e.g., preschool to grade 8), by subject (e.g., math, reading and writing, social emotional, social studies, etc), by topic (e.g., arts and crafts, colouring, pop culture and events, etc), and by standard (e.g., Common Core). Once you find the worksheet you are interested in click to access it. Each worksheet comes with a short description, a link to download it, grade. and subject targeted, and (if applicable) aligned standards. 

Some examples of featured back to school worksheets include: Get to Know You Bingo, Find the Hidden Back to School Words, Classroom Scavenger Hunt, All about Me Graphic Organizer, Create an Individuality Map, Find a Friend, Back to School Scavenger Hunt, Bar Graph Getting to School,  School Supplies Word Search, Printable Homework Planner, and many more. offers both a monthly subscription ($8 per month) and an annual subscription ($5 per month billed annually). There are also special licenses for teachers and schools. For instance, the Individual Teacher License costs $150 per teacher per year.

4. Teachers Pay Teachers Back to School Worksheets

Teachers Pay Teachers  contains tons of professionally designed back to school worksheets created by fellow teachers and educators. Simply head over to, type in the search box back to school worksheets, and browse through the collections. You can further hone in your search by formats (e.g., PDF, image, Google Apps, etc), by grades (PreK to grade 12), by CCSS, by subjects, and by price. 

Select  Free to only search for free back to school worksheets. When you find the resource you want click to read more about it. Also make sure you read reviews of other teachers who already purchased the worksheet and whether they found it helpful or not. 

5. Back to School Worksheets by Ed Helper

Ed Helper offers a growing selection of back to school worksheets which are available for free download in PDF format. You do not even need to register in the site to access these printable resources. Back to school worksheets are arranged into different grade levels from preschool all the way to sixth grade.  Ed Helper also offers free math workbook for the first week of school. 

6. Back to School Worksheets on Pinterest

Pinterest is a great repertoire of educational resources that you can access for free. Simply type in the phrase back to school in its search box and you will have access to tons of pins related to your query. At times Pinterest proves to be much more practical than Google. For instance, in this Pinterest collection you will find tons of back to school resources shared and pinned by fellow teachers and educators. 

There are Free Back to School Colouring Pages for Preschool Kids, Name Activities for Back to School, Back to School Themes, Back to School Kindergarten Worksheets, Back to School Activities for Elementary Teachers, Free Printable Back to School Bingo, All About Me Worksheets for Back to School, and many more.