Kudoboard is a virtual bulletin board ideal for creating and sharing group cards. You can create boards and add posts to them. Posts can include text messages, audio and video messages, images, GIFs, emojis, and many more. You can also invite collaborators to contribute to the board. Once your board is ready you can share it as a hard-bound poster or  book or you can play it as a slideshow for the whole class to see. 

Photo adapted from kudoboard.com
There are various ways to use Kudoboard in education: to celebrate new graduates or a graduating class, to create yearbooks featuring memories from students/classmates, to commemorate a class for an upcoming reunion, to celebrate the life of a historical figure, to highlight important events, and many more. 

Kudoboard also offers a handy online memorial tool that enables you to collaborate with others to create a unique memorial. You can add memories, videos, photos, and publish your memorial online.

How does Kudoboard work?

The way Kudoboard works is simple and easy. First, start by creating a new board. Type in the recipient name and provide a title for your Kudoboard. The title is basically a short description of the event (e.g, anniversary, birthday, etc). Next, customize the look and feel of your board by choosing a background from the site’s gallery.

To add a post to the board, simply click on ‘Add to board’ and start typing your message. You can also add images to your board. You can upload images from your device or choose one from the site’s library. There is also the option to add GIfs to your posts.  Use the search box to search for relevant GIFs. You can also add videos to your posts. You can upload a video from your device, record it live, or use one from YouTube. 

Kudoboard allows you to invite others to contribute to the board. There are different options to invite contributors. You can copy the board’s unique link and share it with others through email or you can send email invite to contributors directly from Kudoboard platform. To do the latter, simply input  contributors’ email addresses and write an introductory message and send invite. As the owner of the board you get to control and edit posts as you like. 

You can download the board as a poster or you can choose to have your poster printed and shipped by Kudoboard. You can also print your kudoboard as a book in which case you will need to use the site’s book editor to customize your book the way you want. You can edit features such as page layout, image size, font, and many more. Once you are done editing your board you can lock it so that no additional posts can be added or deleted.

Watch the video below to learn more about how Kudoboard works

How much does Kudoboard cost?

Kudoboard offers different subscription options. There is the free version called Mini Board which is especially helpful for a small group of contributors and offers up to 10 board posts. There is the Premium Board which costs $5.99 per board and is great for a larger group of contributors and offers everything in the Mini Board plus the ability to create up to 100 board posts and the ability to add or record video posts. The Milestone Board costs $19.99 per board and is good for extra large groups and offers, among other features, unlimited board posts.  There is also a Kudoboard for education version that offers custom pricing.