Artificial Intelligence (AI) is making huge inroads in the world of learning with more and more teachers and educators embracing its educational potential. Over the next few weeks I will be sharing with you a series of posts covering the the topic of AI and its use in education. Stay tuned.

The purpose of today’s post with you  a sample of AI-powered tools (courtesy of Harsh Makadia) that can help you create awesome visuals and images to use in your instruction. No prior technical knowledge is required and some of them do not even require sign-up or login. You can simply upload or drag and drop your images and start editing them the way you want.

You can use them to remove image background, delete unwanted elements from an image, enlarge and resize images,  deblur and sharpen images, and many more. All of them offer free basic plans that are enough for us in education but if you can always upgrade to access advanced features. 

1. Magic Eraser

Magic Eraser allows you to easily delete any unwanted element from your images. The way it works is simple: upload your image to the site, mark the thing you want removed using the brush,  and Magic Eraser does the rest. You can always revert back to your original image. I have been experimenting with this tool for a while now and found it really interesting. No sign-up or login required to use the tool.

Few things I learned from my trials: in order to better use the tool you need to customize the brush size so it fits what you want to highlight. Depending on the position and size of the element you want to mark, you can, for instance, decrease the brush size in order to highlight text in small boxes. Alternatively, you can use  brush with a larger size to mark a bigger element in the image. 

Also make sure you use the zoom feature in order to enlarge specific parts of the image then mark them down. Zoom helps you capture all the nuances that might otherwise escape you. If after you delete the highlighted element you are not content with the result you can revert back to the original image by clicking on Original button.

Magic Eraser offer three subscription plans: Free basic version and two premium versions: Pro version ($7.99) and Master version ($7.99).

2. Background Eraser

Background Remover is another good AI-powered tool from Aarzoo, creator of Magic Eraser. This is basically an image background removal tool that enables you to easily delete backgrounds from any JPEG or PNG images. As is the case with Magic Eraser, you do not need to sign up or log in to use the tool. Simply upload or drag and drop your image into the box and Background Eraser automatically removes the background. You can then download the final image  to your computer. 

Background Eraser free plan offers very limited features and allows you to download images in low resolution. For more features and higher resolution you need to upgrade to either the Pro plan ($3.99/month) or the Master plan ($7.99/month).

3. AI. Image Enlarger

AI Image Enlarger offers a suite of powerful AI tools to help you enhance and edit your photos the way you want. These tools include: 
  AI Enlarger: Enlarges and upscale image without losing quality  AI Enhancer: Enhances and adjust colours and the light balance of images  AI Sharpener: Deblurs and sharpens blurry images.  AI Face Retouch: Retouches and fixes  blurry face.  AI Cartoonizer: Converts photos and face photo to cartoon style.  AI Photo Colorizer: adds color to black and white photos.  AI Background Remover: Automatically removes image backgrounds.