Creative Fabrica is the hub of choice for creative minds. It offers tons of free and premium fonts, graphics, embroidery, crafts, and tools. Creative Fabrica is accessible in 8 languages namely English, French, Italian, Dutch, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and Polish. And those talented designers of you have the choice to open their online store on the site and start making profit from their own creations.

For us in education, Creative Fabrica is a great place where you can access a wide variety of materials to use in instruction. These include graphics, illustrations, creative fonts, and many more. Teachers can also upload their teaching materials and sell them to other fellow teachers and educators. 

Creative Fabrica tools
Creative Fabrica offers a host of interesting tools that allow you to take your creativity to the next level. These tools include: 

1. Fontcloud
Fontcloud   is an online font management tool that allows users to view, organize, and access their fonts from a single overview. You can upload your fonts and save them to your library where you can easily and quickly access them. You can preview characters in your font and with a single click you can copy/paste them anywhere you want.

The great thing about Fontcloud is that it is cloud-based enabling you to save your fonts on the cloud so that you can access them anywhere, anytime and across different devices and browsers. Each user is given a 2GB of free storage which is enough to store thousands of fonts. To access Fontcloud, head over to Creative Fabarica’ s homepage, click on Tools and select Fontcloud. Check out this tutorial to learn more about Fontcloud.

2. Shapecloud
Shapecloud is a free word art generator from Creative Fabrica that allows you to easily generate your own word art. To start creating your word art, select a shape of your choice. You can either choose from Shapecloud’ s pre-made shapes or you can upload your custom shape through an SVG file.

Once your shape is selected, provide words you want to include in your word art, then select your favourite font and colour. When your design is complete you can download it in various formats including PNG, SVG, or as PDF file. The free version of Shapecloud supports up to 5 downloads, to unlock the full features of Shapecloud you will need to get a premium subscription. 

3. Webfont Generator
Webfont Generator  allows you to easily convert your fonts into web fonts for free. Here is how it works: First, select the font you want to convert by uploading your font file (permitted formats are .ttf and .otf files) and click on Convert to Webfonts. You will then get a zip file containing common web font formats such as .woff, .woff2, svg, and many more. You will also be provided with an .html file containing examples of how to use those fonts.

4. Craft Club
Craft Club is a creative space where you bring your visualized designs to reality. As a member of the Craft Club, you can submit requests for personal crafts that Creative Fabrica’s team of designers can create for you. However, for your prospective design to be created, your request needs to be approved first. Top voted designs receive priority. Once your design is created it is automatically added to Craft Club’s online library. 

Additionally, as a member of Craft Club you get access to extra perks including exclusive discounts on deals from best craft and vinyl suppliers, unlimited access to tons of craft designs, the ability to vote on other members’ craft requests, and many more.

Teacher resources
Creative Fabrica has a special section dedicated to teachers  where it features a wide variety of high quality educational materials and worksheets. With a subscription of $2.99 per year teachers can download up to 5 teaching resources per week, 260 per year. 

Teachers can also upload their own teaching materials and sell them to a global community of fellow teachers and educators on Creative Fabrica. Teaching resources cover various topics from math to learning to write letters. Teachers can browse materials by grade (PreK to grade 12), by popularity, or by date added. 

Creative Fabrica Classes
CF Classes is a learning hub where people of different skill levels and interest come to learn creative skills from knitting to graphic design. CF Classes offer a wide variety of original video classes created by crafting teachers from around the globe. Each class is composed of various small lessons that take learners on a step by step process along a continuum of raising learning difficulty. Starting with beginner levels learners can go up all the way to advanced levels. 

Categories covered by CF Classes include graphic design, illustration, embroidery, painting, sewing, home decor, business, printing, doll making, and many more. All you need to access CF Classes is to have an account on Creative Fabrica and have one of these two subscriptions: All Access Subscription or a Classes Subscription. There are also free classes which do not require any subscription. You can access them via your account. 

How much does Creative Fabrica cost?
Creative Fabrica offers various types of subscriptions. There is the popular All Access subscription which costs $29/m, the Crafts subscription which costs $12/3 months, the Fonts subscription costs $19/m, and Graphics subscription which costs $19/m.