How to Catch Monsters is a free play script published by Playbooks Reader’s Theater. The play was written to be performed by students in first through third grade. The play centers around two children who are trying to catch blue, green, and purple monsters. The children do get a little help from their work-from-home dad. In all there are six roles for students to play. There is also a narrator role for a teacher to play in How to Catch Monsters

The How to Catch Monsters script is color coded to make it a little easier for students to follow. The script also includes some cues and other notes to help students perform the play. 

Applications for Education
Performing How to Catch Monsters could be a fun Halloween-themed activity for elementary school students. You can read the entire script online and or print it for free from the Playbooks Reader’s Theater website. One concern I do have about the script is that it might be a bit too advanced for some first and second grade students. The whole script is less than thirty pages so it won’t take you long to decide if it’s a good fit for your students.