Zoho Survey is a good tool that teachers can use to create surveys and quizzes. Zoho Survey enables you to easily create your own surveys. It offers a wide variety of pre-made templates with the ability to edit and customize them the way you want. You can add different question types, drag and drop questions, upload your logo, add your own theme, and many more.

Image source: zoho.com

 Zoho Survey also supports collaboration allowing you to invite reviewers and work together on creating better surveys. You have access to different sharing options including sharing your surveys as web links, as QR codes, and many more. Zoho Survey offers detailed analytic and real-time reports to help you make sense of your audience responses. 

Zoho Survey Features

Zoho Survey offers a suite of powerful features that enable you to easily create, edit, and share surveys. Some of these features include:

1. Online Questionnaire
Zoho Survey offers access to a handy online questionnaire tool to create various types of questionnaires. There are over 200 pre-designed questionnaire templates covering numerous topics including Human Resources, Education, Events, Customer Satisfaction, Marketing, Business, and more. 

Responses are collected instantly and reports are generated in real-time providing you with key data to understand your audience answers. Zoho Survey also allows you to export generated responses in different formats .
2. Online Poll Creator
Zoho Survey’ s online poll creator enables you to create custom polls using a simple drag and drop builder. You can choose the theme of your choice, add your favourite colors, add different questions, and many more. Once your poll is created you can embed it on your blog or website, share it via email, or post it on social media websites. Responses are gathered instantly and real-time reports are created.

3. Pre-made templates
Zoho Survey offers access to a wide range of professionally designed survey templates that you can use for various purposes. For instance, in the Education Surveys section you will have access to K-12 Teacher Feedback Survey template, Parent Survey, Student Satisfaction Survey, Parent Involvement Survey, Course Evaluation Survey, Instructor Evaluation Survey, and many more.

4. Survey translation
Zoho Survey allows you to generate automatic translations of your surveys into various languages including those that are written from right to left such as Arabic, Hebrew, and Persian. Simply choose the language of your audience and click on translate. Obviously, you need to go through the generated translation and spruce it up before sharing it with others. 

5. Responses collection
Zoho Survey enables you to collect responses offline . You can turn on the kiosk mode and have it gather answers unattended. Once you go back online you can then upload your responses manually or automatically. You also have the choice to collect responses anonymously.

6. Analytic reports
Zoho Survey provides you with updated and real-time reports allowing you to keep track of your audience responses as soon as they submit them. You can create your own filters (e.g., response date range, response status, collection, etc) and  edit your reports to meet individual needs. 

Zoho Survey offers this handy feature called cross-tab reporting which “enables you to place two questions (and their answers) side by side and see the correlation between them. Discover hidden relationships, form hypotheses, and get to know your audience better.”

How much does Zoho Survey cost?

Zoho Survey offers four types of plans: there is the Free plan which comes with limited features, there is the Plus plan for $20/month billed annually, the Pro plan costs $25/month billed annually, and the Enterprise plan costs $60/month billed annually.