The purpose of this post is to provide you with a list featuring some good project and task management tools to try out. The purpose is to help you enhance your focus and improve your productivity knowing that all your tasks and projects are arranged and managed in the most optimal way possible.  

1. Trello

Trello is a powerful task and project management tool that helps enhance your productivity and improve collaboration. Some of the things you can do with Trello include organize your projects, create cards to track your project progress, add labels and due dates to your projects, add power-ups such as a Calendar view of your due dates, capture your ideas into digital boards and checklists, integration with third party apps, and many more.  

Trello also offers a wide variety of pre-made templates to help you enhance your collaborative task management. Templates are organized into various categories including  remote work, project management, team management, education. productivity, persona, and so on. Trello is available for the web, iOS, and Android.

2. Basecamp

Basecamp is another good project management tool with interesting features. It offers a one-page dashboard for your projects and assignments. You can track your work and deadlines and check your project progress all from a single centralized place. It also offers a virtual space where you can collaborate and discuss with your team. You can chat with collaborators in real time, create and share files, and many more.

3. Todoist

Todoist allows you to create tasks, organize projects, and take control of your productivity. Some of the features it offers include pre-designed project templates, priority levels to highlight important tasks, reminders to alert you about deadlines and due dates, boards to help you see the big picture, the ability to add tasks via email, include comments and voice notes to your tasks, track your achievement and projects, and more. 

4. is another good project management platform to try out. You can use it to centralize all of your work and files into a single platform accessible anywhere, anytime. You can also connect your teams and collaborate in real-time.’s customizable dashboard enables you to keep track of your team’s work and helps you easily scale your workflow.

Monday offers a number of practical building blocks to help you build your workflow. These include Views (helps you visualize your work using different views such as timeline, Gantt chart, calendar, etc), Boards, Dashboards (helps you keep track of progress, timelines, due dates, important projects, etc), Docs (enables you to ‘connect, collaborate, and execute ideas and workflows in real-time from any doc’), Automations (choose an automation recipe or design your own to help with streamlining processes), and more. also supports integration of different apps including Slack, Dropbox, Adobe Creative Cloud, Microsoft Teams, Outlook,  Zoom,  Excel,  Google Drive, etc.

5. Notion

Notion is a digital workspace that supports visual collaboration and teamwork. Notion allows you to create pages, docs with images, to-do’s,  and several other content types. You can invite your team members and start working together. You can share pages, add comments, and @mention teammates and with few clicks you can turn your pages into a website.

Notion can help you create and customize your workflow using a number of building blocks including text, image., file, discussion, code, bookmark, toggle list, and many more. Notion offers a huge collection of pre-designed customizable templates to boost your workflow and streamline team collaboration.  

The Education section features some beautiful templates for students, teachers, and schools. These are templates designed to help teachers and students organize assignments, manage lesson plans and even create and publish a school or class website.

6. Slack

Slack is another good project management platform that offers a wide range of features. Channels is one of my favourite feature in Slack. It provides you with a collaborative digital space that allow you and your team to access, organize, and work on the same thing. You can create channels for different topics and projects, upload content (e.g., documents, PDFs, and files)  and invite collaborators to join. You have the choice to make channels public so anyone in your organization can find and join them or private accessible to only those you invite. 

Slack Connect is another key feature that enables users to communicate and collaborate in much more effective ways. Members can send messages, share files, and engage in real-time collaboration. You can even connect your third party tools (e.g., DocuSign, Zoom, Google Drive, Microsoft Word, etc) to help you automate your workflow and further enhance your productivity. You can easily book meetings, share documents, streamline processes, and increase collaboration.