Many of use lamented the loss of Google Expeditions because it was a great tool for leading students on virtual reality tours of all kinds of interesting places around the world. Similarly, many of us were disappointed when Google shuttered Tour Creator because it was a great tool for students to use to create their own virtual tours. Fortunately, earlier this year a good alternative to Google Expeditions and Tour Creator emerged in the form of Expeditions Pro

Expeditions Pro can be used on your iOS or Android device to guide students on a virtual reality tour.To lead students on guided VR tours in Expeditions Pro, you have to download the tours to your phone or tablet. Your students don’t need to download the tours in order to follow along with you. Expeditions Pro offers a growing gallery of virtual reality tours. It is also possible to create and use your own VR tours in Expeditions Pro (more about that in a moment). 

In this short video I demonstrate how to use Expeditions on an Android phone and on an iPad. In the video I also show you the teacher and student perspectives of guiding and following virtual reality tours in Expeditions Pro.

As I mentioned above, Expeditions Pro can also be used to create your own virtual reality tours. Watch this video to learn how you can create your own virtual reality tours with Expeditions Pro

There are a few things to note from this video before you try creating your own virtual reality tours with Expeditions Pro. 

First, in the demo I used 360 degree imagery that I captured with my Android phone (Pixel 5) and saved in Google Photos. Second, I downloaded my 360 imagery from my Google Photos account then imported it into my tour. Third, I used to record the audio narration for the each view in my tour. I downloaded my audio from Vocaroo as an MP3 file then imported it into my tour on Expeditions Pro.