Mapme is a simple yet powerful tool students can use to create beautiful interactive maps that can be embedded on any website or blog. Students can customize their maps the way they want. For instance, they can add multimedia materials such as PDFs, 3D tours, photos, and videos. They can also use the ‘categories’ feature to organize their maps making it easy for others to filter maps and find locations.  For more interactive map options check out The 6 Best Tools for Creating Interactive Maps.

Mapme also offers a wide variety of drawing tools that enable students to draw lines and shapes right on the map. As for the design of the map, Mapme provides users with the choice to either choose from the collection of pre-made styles and layouts or create their own custom map styles. They also have the option to create their own marker images or select from the collection there. Additionally, the ‘bulk import’ feature allows users to easily import new locations from spreadsheets.

The process of creating an interactive map on Mapme is simple and easy. First, open an account. Next, add or import locations then add multimedia materials to these locations and select a layout of your liking. Customize the layout the way you want and when you are done share your map with others. You can publish it online, embed it on a website, or share it on social media websites. 

How much does Mapme cost?

Mapme offers four different premium plans that are available on both yearly and monthly basis. The cheapest plan is Story and costs $24 per month paid yearly or $39 paid on a monthly basis. The Story plan offers the following features: media gallery, markers customization, 3D buildings, embed and share, up to 40 locations, and more.

Watch the video below to learn more about Mapme.