The purpose of this post is to share with you a handpicked collection of platforms where you can access a wide variety of printable Christmas worksheets to use with your kids and students during this holiday season. Most of these materials are available for free download in PDF format. 

There are various ways to use these Christmas themed worksheets with your kids, from engaging them in fun literacy based activities to boosting their critical and analytic thinking skills through challenging learning games (e.g., crosswords, puzzles, word search, mazes, and more), the learning possibilities are endless.

1. Printable Christmas worksheets, at has this amazing collection of printable Christmas worksheets to use with you kids and students during the holiday season. Examples of featured Christmas worksheets include Letter to Santa Template, Christmas Around the World Word Search, Color by Number Christmas tree, Christmas Crossword, Printable Christmas Stocking, Printable Christmas Ornaments, Christmas Season Word Search, and many more.

You can use search filters to narrow down your search e.g.,by grade, subject, topic, and standard. Most of these worksheets are available for free download in PDF format. Registration with is required. There is also a premium subscription plan which offers way more features including unlimited access to games, stories, learning skills and worksheets.

2. Christmas worksheets, at K5 Learning

K5 Learning offers this interesting collection of Christmas worksheets that cover various topics. There are Christmas Tracing (printable tracing worksheets), Christmas Mazes (kids help Santa find the presents in the mazes), Christmas Coloring (features fun Christmas themed coloring pages), Christmas Crosswords, Christmas Vocabulary worksheets, Christmas Spelling worksheets, Christmas Writing worksheets, Christmas Math, and many more.

For those of you not familiar with K5 Learning, this is a platform that offers a wide range of educational worksheets, flashcards, and workbooks for kids in kindergarten to grade 5. Free membership comes with limited features. Premium membership (costs $24 per year for each teacher or family) offers unlimited access to the site’s features including the ability to download complete sets of worksheets with a single click.

3. Christmas Worksheets, at Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets offers access to a large collection of Christmas themed worksheets spanning different subjects such as math, reading, writing, and spelling. The site also offers various crafts templates and challenging word puzzles. While a number of these worksheets are offered for free, Super Teacher Worksheets does require membership in order to unlock access to all of its resources. Individual membership costs $24.95 for a year’s subscription.

4. Printable Christmas Worksheets, at DLTK

DLTK offers this helpful selection of free Christmas worksheets that you can use with kids and young learners. These include Christmas Word Mining Puzzles, Christmas Word Search Puzzles, Christmas Tracer Page Worksheets, Christmas Sudoku Puzzles, Christmas Math Worksheets, Christmas Mazes, Christmas Cryptograms, Christmas Crossword Puzzles, Christmas Creative Writing Prompt Worksheets, Christmas Anagrams (Word Scrambles), and more. Each of these Christmas printable worksheets comes with answer keys that you can download.

5. Christmas worksheets, at Islcollective

Islcollective offers a large collection of Christmas worksheets most of which are especially useful for use with ESL learners. You will find Christmas crosswords, Christmas Speaking and Listening worksheets, Christmas Vocabulary Quiz, Christmas Word Search, and many more.

Simply browse through the collection of worksheets, click on the one you like, and choose one of the following options: download it as PDF or Word document, print it, or fill it online. Iscollective requires creating an account to access their resources. Registration is free. Check out Islcollective’s full review to learn more about this website.

6. Christmas worksheets, at All Kids Network

All Kids Network offers this diverse collection of free printable worksheets to kids of all ages. “These Christmas worksheets are perfect for teaching kids in the classroom or homeschooling. Younger children will love the counting practice and word to picture matching worksheets, while slightly older kids will enjoy the missing letter and word scramble worksheets. Many worksheets include fun graphics of all the favorite Christmas related things like Santa, presents, reindeer and much more!”. You need to create an account to access the site’s resources. Registration is free.

7. Christmas worksheets, at Twistynoodle

Twistynoodle offers 100 fun Christmas worksheets to choose from. You will find Christmas handwriting sheets, Christmas coloring sheets, Christmas math sheets, and many more. Browse through the collection and click on the one you want. You can customize these worksheets and add your personal touch. For instance, you can change text font, type in your own text, change style, and when you are done click to download your worksheet.

8. Customizable Christmas worksheets, at Canva

Canva offers over 500 editable Christmas worksheets most of which are available for free. There are Christmas tongue twisters, Christmas coloring pages,Christmas tracing, Christmas Bingo, Christmas word search, Christmas counting, Christmas maze challenge, and many more.

You can select any of these worksheets and customize it the way you want. You can add/delete text, insert images and shapes, change font and style, add icons and animations, and more. When your worksheet is ready, you can download it in PDF, PNG, JPEG format, or share it online using a unique URL.