There is definitely no shortage of calculators around. Most devices are currently equipped with some sort of a built-in calculator. These types of calculators are basic and simple. To perform advanced and complex math calculations, your basic or traditional calculators are of no avail. Instead, what you need is a scientific calculator.

In this post I feature some of the best online scientific calculators to help you perform all forms of math calculations. Most of these scientific calculators have mobile apps enabling you to perform your calculations anywhere anytime.

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1. GeoGebra

GeoGebra is a dynamic scientific calculator that offers a wide variety of features including computations with fractions, trigonometric functions, statistical functions, exponential functions and logarithms, and many more. The GeoGebra scientific calculator works is simple: enter your calculation into the input bar using the calculator’s keyboard.

Your calculations will be numbered and displayed in rows on top of the input bar. The keyboard of GeoGebra’s scientific calculator comprises three different keyboards: 123 keyboard, f(x) keyboard, and ABC keyboard. You can easily switch between them as you like.

GeoGebra scientific calculator also contains numerous predefined functions, operators and commands which you can access through the ABC keyboard. You can type in the operator or function you want to use. You can use the GeoGebra scientific calculator on the web as well as on mobile android and iOS devices.

2. Desmos

Desmos is a powerful scientific calculator that has a host of practical features to help you with performing complex math calculations. The main keyboard of Desmos scientific calculator shows the numerical keypad, basic operations, and functionality for ‘basic trigonometry, roots, fractions, exponents, and absolute value’.

The Qwerty keyboard displays punctuation and a pi character. For advanced trigonometric and statistical functions, you can use the function keyboard. Desmos scientific calculator also supports accessibility features including Braille in both UEB and Nemeth and reverse contrast mode to help users with problems in vision. 

Besides the scientific calculator, Desmos offers a wide range of educational math resources for teachers and students including digital lessons, lesson building tools, assessments, and many more. Other math tools offered by Desmos include graphing calculator, matrix calculator, four function calculator, test practice, geometry tool, among others.

3. Mathway

Mathway is another powerful scientific calculator to try out. The way Mathways Calculator works is simple and easy. Open Mathway on the web or on a mobile device then select a subject from the top right corner. There are Basic Math, Pre-Algebra, Graphing, Finite Math, Linear Algebra, Calculus, Algebra, and more.

Next, type in your problem or upload a picture of your math problem. If you use the Mathway app, you can simply point the camera of your device at the problem and snap a photo to upload to Mathway. Or, you can use a voice to text feature to say your math problem and the app converts it into text. Once done, click to submit and voila! To learn more about this calculator check out Mathway full review for teachers and students.

4. has this simple yet powerful online scientific calculator that enables you to type or perform calculations the same way you would normally do on a physical calculator. The calculator is totally free and works on any web browser. also offers access to several other free math calculators that cover topics such as fractions, percentages, volume, standard deviation, random number generator, and many more.

5. Symbolab

Symbolab is another excellent scientific calculator for teachers and students. It is both an equation search and math solver. Students from middle school through college will especially find it helpful. They can access detailed step by step solutions to any math problem related to algebraic, trigonometric and calculus topics.

Students can use Symbolab to not only solve math problems (e.g., Integrals, Equations, derivatives, limits, etc.) but to also understand processes used to reach solutions to math problems. It acts like a private math tutor available 24/7. To learn more about this calculator check out Symbolab review for teachers and students.

6. eCalc

eCalc is another good online scientific calculator that “supports and resembles a ti-30 with many advanced features, including unit conversion, equation solving, square roots, EE functions, and even complex-number math. eCalc is offered as both a free online calculator and as a downloadable calculator.” eWindows,Calc is also available for free download for Windows and Macs.

7. ClassCalc

ClassCalc scientific calculator helps you perform different math calculations either online or on your mobile Android or iOS device. ClalssCalc scientific calculator includes numerous helpful features such as advanced trigonometric, algebraic, statistical and calculus functions; scientific notation, conversion between decimals and fractions; variables and constants, and more.