A few weeks ago I published an overview of some YouTube Studio settings that you should know how to use. This week while helping someone with one of their videos uploaded to YouTube, I realized that my previous post about YouTube Studio should have included how to clip sections of your videos. To remedy that, I recorded this short tutorial on how to clip sections out of your YouTube videos. 

Video – How to Clip Sections of Your YouTube Videos

Applications for Education
Clipping a section of a video that you’ve already uploaded to your YouTube account can be a convenient way to remedy a small problem that you didn’t notice when you initially uploaded it. For example, after uploading you might notice that you forgot to cut out a section of downtime or transition between scenes (like stage change-overs at school music recitals). You might also use the clipping function to remove the appearance of people who don’t want to appear in a published video. The blurring function demonstrated here is also good for hiding people in an uploaded video.