Hobbies and interests are great additions to your resume. They provide potential employers with a fair idea about your personality and help them understand whether you’re the right fit for the position you are applying for. 

Hobbies increase your chances of employability by demonstrating your passion and dedication. They help you become more adaptable and reduce stress thereby influencing your performance at school. 

Finding a new hobby can be challenging as there are so many hobbies to choose from. A hobby is something that keeps you engaged and happy in your free time. Hence, you must choose a hobby that helps you relax your mind while, ideally, complementing your existing skills. This will give you a competitive edge over others when searching for a new job.

Here’s a list of top hobbies that will boost your resume and make you more employable.

9 Hobby Ideas You Can Add to Your Resume

#1. Blogging

Blogging provides a unique opportunity to present your writing prowess to employers. It helps you build a professional profile and portfolio that demonstrates your knowledge and expertise in content creation. It can also demonstrate your knowledge of graphic design, SEO, and marketing. 

Blogging is useful for someone interested in content writer, copywriting, technical writing, editing, or social media roles. It provides you with unique opportunities to demonstrate your research skills, time management skills, multitasking abilities, and problem-solving capabilities to your potential employers. You can also present yourself as an individual that is organized, self-motivated, and creative with the help of this hobby.

If blogging is something that interests you, you can create a blog for free and get started right away.

#2. Creative Writing

Besides blogging, creative writing is another hobby/skill that increases your chances of employability for content writing, journalism, editing, or marketing-related roles. Writing stories and poetry brings out your creative writing and storytelling skills thereby helping employers gauge your written communication skills.

It demonstrates your ability to share your thoughts through well-structured language. Writing is one of the highly sought-after skills that most employers seek.

#3. Learning a New Language

You can expand your horizons by learning a new language as it increases your chances of getting a job in foreign countries. For example, if you are thinking of applying for your dream job that requires working in Berlin, learning German would be beneficial for you. 

Being multilingual helps you in securing a position in the global job market. It can help you land desired jobs and get a promotion or pay raise. It will also help you connect with your coworkers better and foster cordial customer relationships. 

Studying a new language demonstrates your passion and dedication to learning new skills. It is something that employers often look for in their potential hires.

#4. Volunteering

If you love volunteering or being active in a community, you must include it in your resume. Volunteering or doing charitable work presents the compassionate side of you to potential employers. It also demonstrates your ability to work as a team player.

Community involvement presents you with opportunities to interact and work with people from various walks of life. It enhances your communication and collaboration skills. Experience with handling different kinds of people will prove useful if you are seeking a career in sales roles.

#5. Photography and Video Production

Photography and videography require patience and great attention to detail. This hobby comes in handy if you are applying for job opportunities in the lifestyle, fashion, events, and film-making industries.

Furthermore, having photography and video production skills demonstrates your ability to lead the entire video creation and publishing lifecycle.

#6. Art and Craft

Hobbies, such as drawing, painting, crafts, quilling, and others bring out your creative side. It suggests that you are open to trying out new things and experimenting with innovative ideas. 

Art and craft would be an excellent addition to your resume especially if you are wanting to build a career that requires artistic creativity. For example, graphic design, interior design, and so on. You can start sharing your artwork on social media and build your portfolio online.

#7. Musical Talent

Singing or playing a musical instrument requires dedication, focus, practice, and discipline. It is a must-have skill if you are wanting to build a career in the music industry.

Apart from music-related careers, these music-related hobbies can also strengthen your resume by presenting you as a candidate who is willing to improve by putting in the time and commitment to master the desired skills. 

#8. Traveling

Traveling gives you opportunities to explore different places and appreciate different cultures. It prepares you to survive and enjoy yourself in various parts of the world. It boosts your ability to adjust to new places, immerse in new cultures, and gain valuable life lessons.

If you are wanting to secure a job in the travel industry, adding traveling to your resume would boost your application. 

#9. Gaming

Did you know that your love for gaming can be turned into a full-fledged career? Gaming and esports is one of the booming industries with ample opportunities for gaming enthusiasts who live and breathe video games.

Including gaming in your hobbies increases your chances of pursuing it as a career prospect. There are several aspects of gaming offering amazing employment opportunities, such as game designing, game development, game marketing, and other roles. In fact, you could also try your hands at professional gaming.

Wrapping Up

Including interests and hobbies in your resume will help potential employers learn more about you before meeting you for an actual job interview. We have tried to cover a few of the top hobbies that you might want to include in your resume. 

Remember, there are many other hobbies that you can include in your resume based on the job role you are applying for, increasing your chances of getting the job.


Learning a new hobby may not always require a lot of time or money but can yield impressive results. Dig into your interests and start cultivating a hobby today!

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