As I do at this time every year, I’m taking the week off to ski and play with my kids, shovel snow, and generally not think about work. I have some of the most popular posts of the year scheduled to republish this week. New posts will resume in the new year.

As Google Docs has improved and added more features over the years some of those features get forgotten or just plain overlooked. Just because those features don’t jump out, doesn’t mean they’re not helpful to students and teachers. In this new video I highlight ten of my favorite “overlooked” Google Docs features for students and teachers. 

These are great for organizing group notes. Special Characters.
These provide an easy way to add accent marks, math symbols, arrows, and emojis to documents. Checklists.
This relatively new feature is great for group project management. Task lists.
These are different from checklists and are accessible regardless of which Google Doc you’re currently viewing in your account. Changing Default Text.
Tired of the standard 11 point Arial font? Change the default font to anything you like. Table of Contents.
This is a great way to link and jump to sections of long documents. The table of contents works even if you export the document to PDF. Substitutions.
Change the default substitution settings so your name is never misspelled again. Or change the settings to disable some of the automatic features in Google Docs. Dictionary
Teach kids where this is so they can find definitions and synonyms without leaving Google Docs. Camera
Students can use the built-in camera option to add pictures of handwritten work to their Google Docs. Watermarks
Mark a document as confidential or draft.
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