Two weeks I hosted a webinar about creating and selling digital teaching materials. After the webinar a handful of people reached out to ask if I could go into more depth on the topics covered in the webinar. I certainly can, but it’s hard to do in just one webinar. Therefore, I’ve created a new four-part course titled How to Create and Sell Your Digital Products in 2023

The format of this new course is email-based. Starting on January 10th every week for four weeks you’ll get a new lesson delivered to your inbox. The lessons include written material, digital handouts, and video tutorials. You can work through the lessons on your pace and reply to each lesson to get feedback and or ask questions. 

In the course you’ll learn:

The types of digital products you can create. How to make the a variety of digital products. The pros and cons of using platforms like TPT.How to market and sell your products. My $100 email strategy. 

Register here to join me for this new course in 2023!