As I do at this time every year, I’m taking the week off to ski and play with my kids, shovel snow, and generally not think about work. I have some of the most popular posts of the year scheduled to republish this week. New posts will resume in the new year. 

MapPuzzle is a simple online geography game that I recently learned about through the Maps Mania blog. The game is based on the premise of political boundaries being the lines in a jigsaw puzzle. You have to drag the countries, states, or provinces into their proper places on the map. 

MapPuzzle offers a dozen puzzles to complete. You can complete a puzzle of the whole world, puzzles of regions of the world, and puzzles based on the U.S. states and Canadian provinces. 

Watch this short video to see how MapPuzzle works

Applications for Education
MapPuzzle doesn’t require registration in order to play. In fact, there isn’t even an option to register on the site. You can play it over and over by just clicking the reset button. For these reasons it could be a good game to list as a practice resource on your classroom website or in the “materials” section in Google Classroom.