Unclutter is a free and open-source Chrome and Firefox browser extension that anyone can use to remove the clutter from a web page. That’s not all that Unclutter does. It also lets you save articles to read later, highlight and annotate articles that you save, and Unclutter lets you adjust the size and contrast of the text displayed on your screen. 

The clutter that Unclutter removes from web pages include all sidebar content as well as all advertisements appearing above, below, and in the body of an article. Removing the advertisements appearing in the body of an article is a particularly helpful feature on sites like recipe websites that seem to have an advertisement appearing between every paragraph. 

Watch the video that is embedded below to see how Unclutter works. 

Video – A Cool Tool for Uncluttering and Saving Online Articles

Applications for Education
Besides removing distracting advertisements from web pages, the best aspect of Unclutter is the ability to highlight and annotate articles that you’re saving. Adding some highlights and annotations to a saved article can be very helpful to students when they revisit those articles while writing a research paper or preparing a presentation.