Just about the only thing keeping me on Facebook these days are the memories reminding me of where I’ve been. Back in December one of those memories was of a post I made in 2008 in which I wrote, “is wondering how to make money appear out of thin air.” (That was written back in the days when every FB post was the completion of a prompt like, “Richard is…”)  

I remember exactly where I was when I wrote that. I was sitting at the kitchen table in an apartment that was freezing cold because it was poorly insulated, propane prices had soared, and I was a broke teacher (partly because of the fuel prices).

Well I didn’t figure out a way to make money appear out of thin air, but I did figure out some ways that I could make a little bit of money without having to get a second job. At first it was just enough to put a little breathing room between paychecks. Today, it’s the money that I bank for my daughters’ college funds.

What I started to figure out back in the cold winter of 2008/09 were some ways to create and sell digital products and services. Over the years I’ve made some mistakes and refined my methods. And in a new course starting next week I will share those lessons with you.

In this new four-part course I’ll show you how I create my digital products and how I sell them today without using marketplaces like TpT.

If you’re interested in learning how to put a little more money in your pocket in the new year, join me for How to Create & Sell Your Digital Products in 2023.

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