Lillie Marshall is an English teacher, writer, and artist whose work I’ve seen on social media for many years. So when she reached out to me last week to tell me about her new project called Drawings Of… I was more than happy to take a look at it.

Drawings Of… is a website full of Lillie Marshall’s cartoons that were drawn for the purpose of teaching English lessons. Throughout the site you will find cartoons and written lessons about a variety of topics that are commonly taught in English classes. Take a look at this list of homophone cartoons or this list of figurative language examples to get a better sense of what Drawings Of… is all about. 

Lillie Marshall also has a YouTube channel that includes a playlist of Drawings Of… videos. In those videos you can see how she creates her cartoons. Many of the videos provide helpful English lessons on their own. It was in the Drawings Of… playlist that I found this helpful video about the spelling of “no one.”

Applications for Education
Drawings Of… is exactly the kind of site that can help students get a better understanding of some tricky concepts in the English language. There’s also a section the site that has a set of drawing and writing prompts that can could be helpful when a student says, “I don’t know what to write about.”