A video collage is a combination of different media elements (e.g., video clips, text, images, music, voice-overs, etc) into a single video output. As is the case with photo collage or photo grid, a video collage lets you showcase multiple clips into a collage layout. Video collages serve various purposes from capturing unforgettable memories to marketing products.

In this post, I share with you some of the best web tools to use to create a video collage with music. Stitch together clips from your last trip, sporting event, or summer vacation, add compelling music and a striking narrative, and generate your video collage.

1. Adobe Express 

Adobe Express allows you to create beautiful video collages using your favorite clips. Adobe Express offers various editing tools that are simple and easy to use. The process to create a video collage is easy: You can start by the video gallery for inspirational ideas on how your video collages can look like. You can search the videos by platform, task, aesthetic, mood, or color.

Next, open Adobe Express workspace and use the Resize option at the top of the screen to select either a square or a widescreen format for your video then begin dropping in video and photo content to your timeline. Click on the Themes category and choose a pre-designed theme for your video.

You can edit your video collage the way you want. You can add different text options to your video with each individual cut, insert photos and icons from your own library or the one in Adobe Express, add your music or select preset tunes, and many more. Once your video collage is ready, you can download it to publish on social media channels such as YouTube, or to use on your website or blog.

2. Kapwing 

Kapwing is another powerful video collage maker to use right in your browser. Kapwing offers a host of interesting features to make your video collage stand out. The video collage maker provides you with a workspace where you can upload your content, add music and generate your video collage within minutes.

There are several pre-designed templates to choose from. You can upload as many photo and video layers as you like, add text and images, insert stickers, add music, merge clips together and time out tracks so that they play at the right moment.

Kawing video collage maker is free to use and is available both online and on mobile devices. Other interesting features provided by Kapwing video editor include a background removal tool to isolate people from their backgrounds in videos, Clean Audio that removes background noise, add AI-generated transcripts to your videos, resize videos, unlimited overlays, stock assets (e.g., GIFs, videos, sound effects, music clips, etc), and many more.

3. VEED 

VEED offers a powerful video collage maker that enables you to create awesome video collages. Start with a pre-designed template, drag and drop videos to the template and edit your collage the way you want. VEED offers various editing features including filters, special effects, emojis, stickers, and more. 

You can also use the editor to cut, split and merge video clips and remove unwanted scenes. There is also an integrated subtitle generator that automatically generates subtitles for videos. VEED is a fully online video editor and works right from your browser.

4. Invideo 

Invideo collage maker allows you to transform your pictures and videos into beautiful video collages. As is the case with the previous collage makers, Invideo offers a wide variety of ready-made templates to choose from. It also offers over 8 million stock media to use in your colleges.

Editing features provided include the ability to add music and audio; add different text fonts, text boxes, masks, and shapes; insert trending video transitions; record voice-overs for your video or convert text to speech; and many more.

Invideo supports collaboration allowing you to invite your team members to work with you on the same video. You can create, edit, comment, and share feedback with others. “The free version of InVideo’s video collage maker includes all video editing features and other media integrations such as 3m+ standard stock media library and automated text-to-speech. 

Video collages made on the free plan will bear InVideo’s watermark. To remove the watermark, access 8m+ premium iStock media and other advanced features, you’ll need to upgrade to the paid plans.”