Who would have thought one VR’s most popular games was coming to Sony’s next-gen VR headset? Probably everyone, but now the company has confirmed it is indeed bringing Beat Saber to PSVR 2.

Announced during Sony’s CES 2023 keynote, Beat Saber is said to be “in development” for PSVR 2, a game created by the Meta-owned studio Beat Games.

There’s a few more questions still in need of answering between now and PSVR 2’s February 22nd launch though—one in particular: is Meta going to offer PSVR 2 support as a free upgrade to owners of the game on PSVR? Sony is mum on the subject for now, with more information promised sometime in “the near future.”

There’s a growing list of games getting free PSVR 2 upgrades, and we’d love to see the block-slashing rhythm game among them. After all, backwards compatibility isn’t a thing with PSVR 2…

Launched in 2018 on Rift, SteamVR, and PSVR, Beat Saber almost immediately became the medium’s most recognizable title, and it’s still chugging years later. It regularly tops PSVR’s most downloaded charts, and was even in the most recent list of top-selling VR games on Steam—a testament to its continued strength across all VR platforms.

It would make a good deal of sense that it will indeed come as a free upgrade, as Beat Saber’s revenue model is very much tied to its continuous paid DLC releases, which regularly offer up music packs from some of the world’s leading pop artists. Asking a PSVR owner to buy a base game and hundreds of dollars of DLC they already own would be a pretty dicey maneuver to say the least.

In any case, it appears Meta is sticking with its promise to make sure Beat Saber persists as VR’s premier cross-platform title, though there’s no telling whether they charged Sony a pretty penny to make it happen.