TED-Ed is the educational version of TED. TED-Ed celebrates ideas of teachers and students from all around the globe. TED, which stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design, is a not-for-profit organization that started in the 1980s with the goal of spreading innovative ideas. TED features lectures by leading experts from various fields of study covering topics across different subjects including business, social sciences, technology, global issues, design, among others. 

TED-Ed started around 2012 with the concept of creating video lessons on topics that spark learners curiosity. Since then, TED Ed has grown in popularity and content and now boasts a network of over 650.000 teachers. TED Ed signature content is its animations. These are professionally designed animations born out of a collaboration between various experts including designers, educators, animators, screenwriters, directors, science writers, historians, journalists, and editors. 

Image credit: ed.ted.com

What is a TED-Ed lesson? 

A TED-Ed lesson is a video animation of a curious idea supported by multiple choice and discussion questions. There are various types of TED-Ed lessons: 

1. TED-Ed Animations: “These lesson scripts are developed by a team of educators and experts, as well as subjected to a rigorous fact-check as part of our production process. These will have a label on the upper right corner of their lesson page.”

2. TED-Talk Lessons: “These lessons are centered around TED Talks. There is a very selective screening process to become TED speakers. The Discuss sections of these lessons also often have the speaker’s footnotes and/or recommended further reading lists. “

3. TED-Ed Best of the Web:”These are lessons created by TED-Ed users like you, who have used an existing video (on youtube or with a TED-Ed Animation). Then TED-Ed staff review nominated lessons and feature a select few. These will have a label on the upper right corner of their lesson page.”

What is TED-Ed Student Talks? 

TED-Ed Student Talks is a free curricular program for teachers and students of all grades interested in developing and presenting their ideas through TED-style talks. All grade-school students (K-12) can participate in TED-Ed Student Talks. 

The purpose of the program is to help students develop presentation literacy skills, learn how to give and receive feedback, learn public speaking skills, connect with international students in the program, and publish their talk on TED-Ed Student Talks YouTube channel. TED-Ed Student Talks is free for both teachers and students. Educators and school administrators are encouraged to submit their applications to participate.

What age is TED-Ed for? 

TED-Ed video content is created for students ages 6-18 in high school/upper level school and below. However, given the informative and educational nature of TED-Ed videos, they can also be enjoyed by viewers of all ages. 

How to create TED-Ed lessons? 

Here is how you can create a TED-Ed lesson:

1- Create a TED-Ed account at ed.ted.com 

2. Choose a video for your lesson. You can either customize an already existing TED-Ed Animation or use a public video from YouTube. If you choose to customize a TED-Ed Animation, you can easily copy the video lesson to your account and start editing it the way you want. 

You can change multiple choice or discussion questions or add your own. If you want to use a YouTube video, you need to paste its URL in the bar under ‘Create a lesson’ then add the following elements: an Introduction, Think (add multiple choice and open ended questions), Dig Deeper (add additional resources), Discuss sections (guided or open forums).

3. Once your lesson is ready, you can publish it and generate a unique URL to share with your students. Only those with the URL can access and view the lesson.

4. Using your lesson activity page you will be able to monitor students progress, view their answers, edit your lessons, and many more.

What is a TED-Ed Club? 

A TED-Ed Club is part of TED-Ed’s Student Talks program which allows students to gather together and discuss TED topics. A club can consist of students led by a teacher or adult educator.

TEDx vs TED-Ed Student Talks Program 

TEDx is a licensed stand-alone event that you can host by applying through the TEDx website. TED-Ed Student Talks program is a gathering of eligible students from all around the world to discuss and present their ideas in TED-style talks.

TEDx vs TED-Ed 

TED-Ed is an educational platform that provides educational video lessons created through a combination of educators, professional animators, designers, and screenwriters. TED-Ed also enables teachers and students to create their own video lessons and share them with the world. TEDx, on the other hand, is a licensed stand-alone event that can be hosted by getting approval through application in TEDx website .

TED Ed vs TED Talks 

TED Talks is the mother organization that includes TED-Ed. TED Talks are lectures presented by leading experts presented in TED conferences from all around the world. TED-Ed are video lessons created either around TED talks or using YouTube videos that are available to the public.