Creative Fabrica, one of the leading design platforms, has recently published a powerful suite of AI tools called CF Spark. Since its introduction, CF Spark has already enjoyed growing popularity among users. CF Spark AI tools allow you to easily generate stunning artwork using text-based prompts. No graphic design is required.

For us in education, Creative Fabrica’s AI-powered design tools offer exciting opportunities to unleash students’ creativity and help them explore their artistic potential. From creating stunning visuals for presentations to designing original artwork using textual prompts, CF Spark AI tools will help bring your ideas to life quickly and easily!

In this post, I share with you some of the main AI tools that have recently been released by Creative Fabrica.

1. CF Spark Art

CF Spark Art is a text-to-image tool that allows you to create beautiful and unique artwork. CF Spark offers a versatile AI image generator that enables you to easily convert your text prompts into stunning art designs with only a few clicks. No graphic design knowledge is required. The process is simple and easy and here is how it works:

Head over to CF Spark and launch the AI image generator.Type in your prompt. You can select from predefined prompts or copy prompts from existing creations.Select your preferred ratio and click on Ignite.The AI image generator will produce four variations of your prompt. Select the one that you like and click on publish to share it with others.

Based on your prompts, the process of generating AI images might take a few minutes but you can hasten it by getting a CF Spark subscription. You will get 1000 speed credits which will help you create AI art much faster.

You can always join Spark AI text-to-image Art community for inspiration and support from fellow creators. You can browse through collections of beautiful AI generated artwork shared by members of the community and share your creations with others.

As a teacher, you can use CF Spark Art with students to generate photorealistic artworks to use in your educational activities. You can include AI generated images in your videos, posters, infographics, presentation slides, research projects, and many more. You can further edit your AI generated artwork using photo editing platforms and customize your images the way you want.

3. CF Spark Patterns

CF Spark Patterns allows you to easily create seamless patterns from text and use them as digital backgrounds or papers. CF Spark’s pattern generator is simple and easy to use. Start by describing in words the pattern you want to be designed and click Ignite to generate the pattern image. You can then download and publish your images the way you want.

Seamless patterns offer infinite possibilities! You can use them as digital wallpaper for devices like phones, computers and websites. They make great presents when printed on notebooks, phone cases or tumblers. Textiles featuring your patterns are perfect for home decor or clothing. You can also use them in your crafting projects!

3. CF Spark Prompt Builder

CF Spark Prompt Builder allows you to write great prompts to use to generate high-quality AI images. The prompt builder provides various styles and tools to use including art medium (e.g., drawing, pencil, ink, paint, text, print, origami, frame, etc), Camera, colour, dimensionality, geometry, intangibles, lighting, and more. Select the style you are interested in and add your details then use your created prompts in CF Spark to generate your AI image. Once generated, you can download and publish them online.

4. CF Spark Writer

CF Spark Writer is the writing assistant that helps you write anything you want using guided instructions. CF Spark Writer offers numerous templates to choose from such as Article, Facebook Ad, Article Section, Cold Email, Article Outline, and more. You can browse templates by different categories such as Personal, Blog, Website, Ad, Email. Book, Essay, Copywriting, and Startup.


These four tools provide a great starting point for educators keen on using AI services in their teaching. Each tool can save you time and help you and your students focus on what matters more, optimizing the learning experience and generating quality content. Indeed, AI is going to be a big part of our future, especially in the field of education. The four tools from Creative Fabrica that I covered in this post are just a small example of what AI can do for us. We should all be excited about the possibilities that AI brings to us in education and beyond.