QuestionWell is a new AI tool that will generate reading comprehension and guiding questions for just about any article that you specify. Questions created by QuestionWell can be saved in a document or exported to a handful of popular quiz apps including Kahoot and Quizziz. 

There are two ways that you can use QuestionWell to generate questions. One option is to copy and paste a block of text (up to 1,000 words) into the QuestionWell question generator. The other option is to paste the URL of an online article into the QuestionWell question generator. Whichever method you choose, the next steps are all the same. 

QuestionWell takes the article that you’ve entered and generates a set of questions based on it. You can view all of the questions and select the ones that you like. The questions can be exported to a Word document and or exported to a quiz app. All of the question sets that you create are also saved in your QuestionWell account so that you can revisit them and edit them whenever you need to. Watch my video below for a short overview of how QuestionWell works. 

Video – How Use QuestionWell


Applications for Education

QuestionWell is a tool that I can see myself using when preparing for teaching a current events lesson in a social studies class. Of course, I’ll read the articles I share with my students, but a tool like QuestionWell could be great for quickly generating questions about those articles. Obviously, I’ll have to review the question sheet for accuracy before giving it to students. 

Shout-out to Tony Vincent for sharing QuestionWell on social media a few days ago.