Earlier this year I published 29 Google Sites tutorials. I’ll soon need to add a 30th tutorial to that list because this week Google released three helpful updates to Google Sites

The latest updates to Google Sites give you more design control and improve the collaboration process in Google Sites. 

In Google Sites you can now add frames. Frames let you control the overall width of your site and the content within it. You can apply custom colors to your frames to make your content stand out.

Another new design feature in Google Sites is the ability to adjust the alignment of buttons on your site’s pages. Now when you select a button to add to a page you can also select the alignment of the button on the page. The alignment function for buttons is very similar to the alignment function for text. 

The third update to Google Sites that was announced this week is an improvement to the collaboration process. Now when you’re collaborating on site development you will see the section of a page that your collaborator is working on in realtime. That should help to avoid accidentally overwriting your collaborator’s work. 

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