Into the Radius is a cult favorite for a reason, as it offers up some of the most hardcore gameplay in a very Stalker-inspired post-apocalyptic world, making for an absolutely unforgiving experience in the anomaly-ridden wasteland. Now developers CM Games say a sequel is in the works.

In a community update, CM Games says a second chapter to Into the Radius is currently being developed.

“We are in the pre-production phase, and will follow an Early Access development model like before when the time is right,” the studio says. “The original [Into the Radius] is a testament to how much our community has helped us in developing the game, and we want to continue this trend in the sequel.”

The studio says many user suggestions and ideas are currently being considered for the newest installment, although they’re not revealing anything beyond that right now. Into the Radius is currently available on SteamVR and Quest 2. The developers have said in the past that it’s also in development for other headsets, although there’s still no word on whether it’s coming to PSVR 2.

We’ll be following Into the Radius and its upcoming seqeuel via the game’s Discord (invite link), as CM Games is due to publish an FAQ soon that may answer more questions about the next chapter.