Today, I will probably get nothing done because I have to spend hours getting the website to stop stealing my work. I’ve sent multiple DMCA notices to Namecheap which hosts the site. Namecheap only responds when I call them out on Twitter. 

Google’s DMCA takedown process is flawed as it recently said that they didn’t believe I was the copyright holder for the words I’ve published here on and the pictures that I’ve posted of MYSELF!

In order to try to salvage something out of this frustrating experience which I’ve gone through about every three months for the last decade, here are some screenshots of the process and an explanation of the steps I have to take. 

Step 1: File DMCA takedown notice with Namecheap.

Step 2: Wait and wait and wait. Send follow-up. 

Step 3: Call out Namecheap on Twitter. Then they DM to promise to escalate the situation. 

Step 4: Get a response from Namecheap that they’ve removed the content. 

Step 5: Realize Namecheap only removed two URLs not the entire site. Send a follow-up to clarify.

Step 6: Get a response from Namecheap that I have to file another notice for every infringing URL. 

Step 7: Reply to reiterate that the entire site is content stolen from me. 


And now for the frustration with Google’s DMCA takedown process. 
Step 1: File a complaint through their system. 

Step 2: Wait eight days for a response. 
Step 3: Get a response that Google doesn’t believe I’m the copyright holder. 

Step 4: Reply and get no response.

Step 5: Submit another DMCA notice through Google’s system. Lo and behold, this time they actually do remove it!

Bottom Line:

I’m not sure that blogging at all is worth my time and effort any more. At this point I’m well in the red for the year despite some nice people supporting the blog by registering for my courses. Everyone says they appreciate what I do. But that’s small comfort when my work is repeatedly stolen by spammy sites as well as some educators who think that just because it says “Free Technology for Teachers” that they can use any and all of my work for free without permission or attribution.