Last month Google introduced a new Bard feature that makes it easy to copy the text of a chat to a Google Document. To start this month Google has added another new feature to Bard. That feature is the ability to conduct image searches. I gave it a try on Thursday. The results were interesting. 

Searching for images in Google Bard is easy to do. Simply type something like “images of a happy person with a dog” and you’ll see a selection of about a half dozen images appear. But you can’t necessarily use those images for your own projects because there isn’t a filter in place for Creative Commons or Public Domain search. You have to click through each image to try to find the usage rights. 

You can refine a Google Bard search for images by writing something like “public domain images of a happy person with a dog.” When you do that you will get another set of about a half dozen images from websites around the Web that claim to be hosting public domain images. In my testing I found that when I clicked through to the image source, I couldn’t always verify the usage rights for the images. 

There is a third way to use Bard to find images that are free to use and re-use. You’ll have to watch my short video that is embedded below to find out what that method is. 

Video – Another New Google Bard Feature

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