As an EdTech blogger and educator, I have always found immense joy in bringing you the latest advancements from the intersecting worlds of education and technology. Today, we journey together into the burgeoning world of educational AI. My aim? To help you harness the power of these innovations, not just to augment your teaching techniques but also to bolster your professional growth.

Today, I am thrilled to introduce you to a groundbreaking tool, Magic Write, from the creators of the well-loved design platform – Canva. Fusing the power of AI with the intricacies of writing, Magic Write promises to be a powerful assistant for students across various educational levels.

Its primary mission? To combat the infamous writer’s block, helping students to confidently take the first step on their writing journey.

I must emphasize, however, that as we delve into the world of AI, it is essential to remember the role these tools play in our lives and classrooms. AI tools like Magic Write are akin to supportive companions on our educational journey.

They’re here to aid in idea generation, refine writing styles, and polish our content. But they should never replace the creative thinking and unique expression that is intrinsic to each individual learner.

That being said, let’s now take a closer look at Magic Write and explore its affordances and applications in educational settings.

Why Magic Write?

Like several other AI text writers I covered here in Educators Technology, Magic Write is a great tool to help students and teachers overcome the blank page syndrome, aka, the writer’s block.

The sight of a blank page can be intimidating, especially when you’re trying to start an essay or create a lesson plan. Magic Write is here to help. Simply tell Magic Write your idea or topic, and it will provide a suitable starting point, turning the daunting blank page into a springboard for your thoughts.

Whether you’re brainstorming for a class project or designing a lesson plan, type your requirements into Magic Write, and watch as your document begins to take shape in mere seconds. Need to convert a paragraph into a list or paraphrase an existing text? Magic Write has you covered.

Enhance Your Educational Content

Educators can take their lesson plans, lectures, and learning materials to the next level with Magic Write. It effortlessly generates drafts for lesson plans, classroom activities, study guides, and more, all ready for you to proofread and fine-tune. What’s more, Magic Write can adapt to any tone of voice, making it versatile for every classroom setting.

Empower Student Creativity

Students can now spend less time worrying about how to start assignments and more time exploring their creativity. With Magic Write, all it takes is a few clicks to generate a starting point for essays, projects, and presentations. Even non-academic tasks like creating an invitation for a school event or writing a birthday card are made easier and fun with Magic Write.

Visual Learning and Collaboration

Staying true to Canva’s visually-focused approach, Canva Docs makes it simple for teachers to create engaging visual aids and for students to produce eye-catching assignments. With Design Blocks, you can create and edit any Canva design within your document. And don’t forget about Canva’s impressive library of over 100 million design elements ready to be incorporated into your work.

Canva Docs encourages real-time collaboration, allowing teachers to work together on lesson plans or students on group projects. You’ll also receive notifications when you’re tagged in a Canva Doc, someone comments on your document, or when you’re invited to review a document.

Transformative Features on the Horizon

In addition to Magic Write, Canva introduces Docs for Decks, a feature that allows you to convert your Canva Doc into a full-fledged presentation in an instant.

Sharing your work has never been easier. Share your Canva Docs with your classmates, teachers, or make them public with options to comment, view, or even edit. They can even be shared as an interactive website for a truly engaging experience.

Examples of how students can use Canva Magic Write

Here are some examples of how students can leverage Magic Write in their academic work. Remember, Magic Write is designed to assist in the writing process, not replace it. It can provide a great starting point, but students should always review and adjust the generated content to ensure it meets their assignment’s specific requirements and reflects their unique perspective.

Essay Writing: Magic Write can be a boon for students struggling to start their essays. By simply inputting their essay topic, students can receive a well-crafted introduction or outline to kick-start their writing process.

Project Proposals: When planning for a group project, students can use Magic Write to draft a project proposal. They can input their project’s objectives and expected outcomes, and Magic Write will create a professional-looking proposal that they can then fine-tune.

Presentation Creation: Crafting a compelling presentation can be challenging. With Magic Write, students can enter their presentation topic, and it will generate relevant content, which can then be further customized.

Paraphrasing and Summarizing: Magic Write can help students paraphrase or summarize dense academic texts. They can highlight the text they need help with and ask Magic Write to rewrite it in a simpler format or summarize the key points.

Creative Writing: For assignments involving creative writing like short stories or poems, students can provide Magic Write with a theme or a starting sentence, and it will generate a creative piece for them to expand upon.

Resume Writing: When preparing for internships or job applications, students can use Magic Write to create a professional resume. By providing their academic achievements and skills, Magic Write can draft a strong resume, which they can then personalize.

Learning Reflections: After completing a chapter or a course, students can ask Magic Write to help draft a reflection or a review. They can input what they’ve learned and their thoughts about the course, and Magic Write will generate a reflective piece that they can then modify.

Is Magic Write Free?

Canva’s Magic Write is designed to cater to both free and Pro users of the platform. If you’re a free user, you can access and use Magic Write up to 25 times, providing ample opportunities to try out this innovative feature and see how it enhances your writing process.

For those who have a Pro subscription, the access is even broader. Pro users can take advantage of Magic Write up to 75 times per billing month. This significantly expanded access allows Pro users to fully integrate Magic Write into their regular writing and content creation tasks.

To utilize this AI-powered assistant, you need to head over to Canva Docs, where you can create new documents and access Magic Write directly from the text editor. It’s designed to be as user-friendly and accessible as possible, ensuring you can start leveraging this AI technology to enrich your writing experience in no time.

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