Those of you who have followed my blog over the last few years may have noticed my occasional series of posts inspired by questions from my daughters who are now five and six years old. (Some of you have followed the blog long enough to remember when getting a dog was a major lifestyle change for me). 

After writing yesterday’s blog post about Fahrenheit vs. Celsius I decided to look through my archives to see how many blog posts have been directly inspired by questions that my daughters have asked me. Here they all are in no particular order. 

Create Outdoor Bingo GamesHow Seashells Are MadeWhy Do We Sneeze?What’s Snoring?Why Is Snow White?Anesthesia and TonsilsWhy Do We Say Okay?What’s Onomatopoeia Mean?How do Fireworks Work?When You Give a Kid a CameraWhy Do Birds Sing?Double Rainbow LessonsElinor’s Nature AdventureThe Physics of Soccer KicksWhy Does the Road Crack?Why Does He Do So Much Sniffing?Skim Milk vs. Whole MilkFahrenheit vs. CelsiusWhat is Frost?What Are Freckles?We’ve Got Worms!Dad, It’s Still Autumn!

In Google Keep I keep a list of questions from daughters. The list is now over seventy questions! I’m sure there will be more posts inspired by them in the future. Here’s an overview of ten handy Google Keep features that I frequently use.