Microsoft Forms has a lot of features that make it better than Google Forms for classroom use. Those include a built-in timer and embedded use of Immersive Reader. This week Microsoft added another great feature to Microsoft Forms. That feature is a live presentation mode. 

The new live presentation mode in Microsoft Forms takes your existing Forms and instantly transforms them into live polls! The best part is that at any time you can switch back to using your Forms in the standard format. 

To use the live presentation mode in Microsoft Forms simply pick a Form from your list of existing Forms. Then click the “presentation” icon in the upper, right corner of the Form. As soon as you do that the first question of the Form appears on screen along with a QR code for your students to scan (there’s also an option to share a link). When students scan the QR code they’ll be directed to the Form where they can answer the questions. Their responses appear instantly on your screen. Watch my video that is embedded below to see a demo of live presentation mode in Microsoft Forms. 

Video – How to Use Live Presentation Mode in Microsoft Forms