Yesterday afternoon I published a new video and post on Ed Tech Fitness. The video and post were about using Wolfram Alpha to create personalized estimates of calories burned by doing a variety of activities like hiking, running, swimming, and even playing lawn games. 

Writing that post on Ed Tech Fitness was the inspiration for this post about uses of Wolfram Alpha that you might be overlooking. Wolfram Alpha is best known as a computation search engine that students can use to get help with math and science problems. But it can do a lot more than that. 

Take a look at the tutorial videos embedded below to learn about five ways to use Wolfram Alpha that you might be overlooking. 

Making Comparisons in Wolfram Alpha

Wolfram Alpha for Social Studies Teachers

Experiment With Sounds on WolframTones

Use Wolfram Alpha to Calculate Calories Burned Through Exercise

Wolfram Alpha as a Random Password Generator