A couple of days ago a reader emailed me to ask for suggestions on how to share pictures with her students’ parents without having to send the pictures as email attachments every day or every week. I was happy to provide a couple of suggestions. 

My first idea was to use a service like Seesaw to share pictures with students’ parents. I’ve done that in the past in my own classroom and now my kids’ teachers do the same. My other suggestion was to create a Google Photos album that is shared with parents. How to do that is demonstrated in my new video that is embedded below. 

Video – How to Create & Share Albums in Google Photos

Applications for Education

The benefit of creating and sharing a Google Photos album is that its URL stays the same no matter how many times you update the contents of the album. Theoretically, you could share the album’ URL with parents at the start of the school year and they can simply revisit it whenever they want throughout the school year to see the latest updates you’ve made. Of course, you should always check your school’s policy about sharing pictures that have students’ faces in them before you publish a photo album. You might find that you have some parents who don’t want their children to appear in photographs that other parents can see.