Twice this week readers emailed me to ask if I had any tutorials about how students join Google Classroom. I didn’t have a current one so I made one. 

In my new video that is embedded below I demonstrate three ways to invite students to join Google Classroom and the three ways that students can join your Google Classroom classes. 

Video – Teacher and Student Views of Joining Google Classroom

Which method of inviting students is best depends on you and your students. If your students have previous experience with Google Classroom and they have active email addresses from your school, then I would send them email invitations before the first day of school. If your students are using mobile devices in your classroom, then I would use the invite link and generate a QR code for it for your students to scan. If your students don’t have prior experience with Google Classroom and you want to be there to walk them through the process of joining Google Classroom, then I would use the join code option.

On a related note, here’s a video overview of three ways to make QR codes.