Assassin’s Creed Nexus VR is set to arrive on Quest headsets November 16th, offering up a new first-person VR experience for the storied franchise. Now Ubisoft has released an explainer video that goes into how it all works, including the game’s combat, parkour and comfort systems.

Check out the video below, presented by the game’s creative director David Votypka and associate game director Olivier Palmieri, both of whom have been a part of Ubisoft’s earliest VR gaming efforts, including Werewolves Within, Eagle Flight, and Star Trek: Bridge Crew. Check out the full nine-minute video below:

In case you can’t watch it right this second, the video shows off all three assassins in Nexus VR: Ezio Auditore, Connor, and Kassandra. We also get a better look at the game’s expansive open maps that look rife with opportunities for stealth, parkour, and wandering baddies that make for ideal targets for the game’s inventory of iconic AC weapons.

In a news update, Ubisoft explains stealth options, which include blending with crowds, pickpocketing, and employing the Hidden Blade for silent takedowns.

Parkour mechanics also seem pretty conventional for anyone who’s ever played Crytek’s The Climb series. Here, you’ll be able to scale walls, jump from rooftops, and even perform Leaps of Faith.

The game also looks to offer up fluid and dynamic combat by letting you block and counter enemy attacks, use ranged weapons, and environmental objects too. Comfort features include turning vignettes and ‘tunnel vision’ modes, as well as teleportation and automatic pathfinding for more comfortable parkour.

We have our hands-on coming, so check back soon to see whether Ubisoft has managed to hit a home run with the long-awaited Assassin’s Creed VR game, which is headed to Quest 3, Quest 2 and Quest Pro November 16th.