At $3,500, Vision Pro is undoubtedly expensive, which many are rightfully hoping will be remedied in a prospective follow-up. Now, according to a report from The Information, Apple may be ditching the ‘Pro’ aspect of its next-gen Vision headsets altogether, instead aiming to release a single “more affordable” device in late 2025.

It’s rumored that Apple was slated to release two headsets: an expensive Pro-style device and a cheaper version targeted more squarely at consumers, much like how the company positions iPhone in its lineup today.

Now, citing an employee at a manufacturer that makes key components for the Vision Pro, The Information reports Apple has suspended work on that high-end follow-up due to slowing sales of the $3,500 Vision Pro.

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There may be hope though, at least for anyone without the budget to shell out what amounts to a good used Honda Civic. According sources both involved in the supply chain and in the manufacturing of the headset, the company is “still working on releasing a more affordable Vision product with fewer features before the end of 2025.”

Granted, it’s important to note that Apple often leaks incorrect information in a bid to nail prospective leakers, so this (and any Apple report for that matter) should be taken with a heaping handful of salt.

This follows Apple’s announcement it was getting set to release Vision Pro outside of the US for the first time, which includes mainland China, Hong Kong, Japan, Singapore, Australia, Canada, France, Germany, and the UK.

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Whether it’s “more affordable” or not, there’s a lot Apple can do to appeal to the masses without drastically sacrificing quality. Check out our article on the 6 Things Vision Pro Needs Before It Can Go Mainstream to see how.

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