Creating a great arena shooter is hard, as many VR developers can attest. Gaining critical mass is important to keeping the casual ‘jump-in, jump-out’ style gameplay quick and fresh, and mechanics need to be engaging if its going to be a VR-native game. Now nDreams-owned studio Near Light announced they’re doing just that with FRENZIES.

Developed by Near Light and published by nDreams, Frenzies fuses the studio’s gunplay from Fracked and Synapse, throwing players into five-round matches which promise to be a “chaotic lucky dip of iconic and unconventional.”

This includes solo and team-based round types, such as ‘Red Light, Green Light’ and something called ‘Glitter Pig’.

“The last thing you can accuse FRENZIES of is being boring,” says Near Light studio head Paul Mottram. “Taking inspiration from classics like Quake and Unreal Tournament, we wanted to inject some unpredictable excitement back into the genre while retaining what makes VR shooters so special. We think FRENZIES nails that sweet spot.”

It’s coming to Quest and PSVR 2 at some point, however the studio says Quest players will have the chance to step into the FRENZIES arena later this month when the game heads into a closed alpha period.

We’re hoping to learn more closer to launch of the closed alpa, so check back soon.

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