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why shall we study in China?  


  1. World class university -- 63 Chinese universities are in the Times Higher Education (THE) top 1000 university ranking, with Peking University and Tsinghua university in the THE top 30. Over 400 universities in China accept international students.
  2. Employability -- in QS global graduate employability rankings, five Chinese universities ranked among the top 50 in the world. Chinese college graduates are increasingly becoming popular for employers.
  3. English-medium program -- more and more Chinese universities are realizing the advantages of English and gradually offering more English teaching programs.
  4. Education investment -- The Chinese government’s current “double top universities”program is investing in 42 universities, which means they will become centers for advanced technology research, innovation and academic research.
  5. Tuition fee -- the average annual cost of studying in a Chinese university is US$4,000-10,000, which is much less than studying in western college.
  6. Scholarship -- at least 40% international students could apply for scholarship or subsidy from Chinese government or universities.
  7. Chinese language -- Due to the economic cooperation between China and home countries of the international students, learning Chinese and studying in China would give them an edge in future careers.