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STEM Teacher training: Rather than teaching each of the STEM subjects separately, incorporating STEM into the curriculum allows educators to show students how these subjects are related, not only to each other, but to nearly every subject and discipline. Using a STEM approach challenges educators to offer students experiences that are hands-on, collaborative and open-ended, so they can apply the knowledge and techniques they learn throughout their lives. The challenge for STEM educators is to present lessons in a way that allows students to see how STEM concepts relate to everyday life. At all levels, STEM education increasingly involves incorporating real-life scenarios into the curriculum. This approach is designed to take STEM subjects out of textbooks and incorporate them into hands-on, multi-dimensional learning experiences. St. Uriel Education's Edutour is perhaps the only one in the world providing unique cultural and educational exchange programmes with the following benefits: 1. Unique Coding and Robotics Competition - Take home a robot after the trip - Scratch coding that is relevant to Chinese school curriculum - Coding aligned to Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), Values & Lifeskills - Coding and Robotics to learn English 2. Unique cultural and education exchange with for teachers and students - Interact and form friendships with students from Singapore schools - Teacher exchange and training can be arranged as well 3. Free access to St. Uriel e-Classroom - Learning Management System (LMS) is used during the trip for deeper learning and assessments - Students can access e-Classroom when they return to China (within 3 months after the trip) - Learning material will continue to be sent to students 4. Certificate issued by Education Society of Singapore - Co-branded certificates can be considered (with logo from your company) - Certificates will be issued for each major learning activity 5. Cost Effective Programs - St. Uriel is an official distributor in China, Singapore and Thailand for the robots used. - St. Uriel conducts R&D, and develops its own curriculum - St. Uriel engages their own pool of teachers for training - St. Uriel develops and maintains its own LMS 6. Safety and Comfort - St. Uriel has its own risk assessment framework to ensure the safety and well bring of participants - St. Uriel conducts due diligence on partners that offers accommodation and meals
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