Last week Canva hosted a big event to announce a bunch of new features. One of those features is something that I’ve thought they should have added years ago, a freehand drawing tool. 

Canva’s freehand drawing tool lets you choose a drawing tool (pencil, pen, highlighter) and customize it to make the lines it creates just about any color and thickness that you like. And as you’ll see in my new demo video embedded below, you can mix and match all of the drawing features on one canvas. 

Applications for Education

The new drawing tool in Canva could be great for quickly adding sketches to your slideshows. Sometimes it’s faster and easier to just make a sketch than it is to try to combine a bunch of pre-made shapes to create the demonstration image that you need. You can also combine your sketches with some of the animation tools in Canva to create a little video.

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