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Empower Your Teaching This March with Free OTIS Webinars

By |March 2, 2024|

Thanks to OTIS I will be offering a FREE workshop every week in March. Registering will gain you access to the recording.  The workshops are Thursdays at 3pm EST. I hope you are able to join in live so I can answer your questions and you can participate in the interactive elements.  If you can not…

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6 Features We’d Love to See in Vision Pro’s First Major Software Update

By |March 2, 2024|

Vision Pro is an impressive headset but it’s not perfect right out of the gate. Luckily, Apple has a great track record of improving products for years through software updates, and Vision Pro isn’t likely to be an exception. But what should the company focus on first? Here’s what I’d like to see.

Apple first announced Vision Pro to the world on June 5th, 2023, at its annual WWDC event. That means the one-year anniversary of that announcement will likely coincide with WWDC 2024. It’s there where we expect the company will reveal details of its first major software […]

One of VR’s Most Sucessful Studios is Building Two Brand New Games

By |March 2, 2024|

Cloudhead Games is one of VR’s most senior and most successful studios. Having not launched a new game since Pistol Whip in 2019, the studio tells Road to VR that two brand new VR games are in development.

Cloudhead Games might be old-school as far as VR studios go, but it has always been forward-looking.

Back in the Oculus Rift DK1 and DK2 days (circa 2014), the studio was already thinking about how to design games for VR motion controllers, despite no headsets on the market shipping with motion controllers until 2016. The studio was also instrumental in establishing several VR locomotion […]

Meta Reportedly Rejected Google Partnership to Bring Android XR to Quest

By |March 2, 2024|

According to a report from The Information, Google and Meta held a meeting late last year wherein the two companies discussed the possibility of bringing Android XR to Meta headsets. While it’s said Meta rejected the partnership, which would potentially allow Quest headsets to run standard Android apps, Google is allegedly still open to the idea.

Quest already runs an open-source version of Android, although Meta’s headsets don’t have the sort of access to standard Android apps built for mobile devices like Apple Vision Pro does with content developed for iPhone, which boasts […]

The ‘Beat Saber’ Music Pack That Always Needed to Happen… is Finally Happening

By |March 2, 2024|

Beat Saber’s next music pack will bring one of the most influential names in electronic music to the game’s library of downloadable content: Daft Punk.

Go back to some of Daft Punk’s earliest albums and you might find yourself saying “this doesn’t sound so special, I hear stuff like this all the time.” Well, the reason it might not sound so special is because Daft Punk’s works have been so influential to modern electronic music that you can hardly find any that doesn’t include at least some of the group’s essence.

It’s fitting, then, that one of electronic music’s biggest influences […]

VR’s Next Big Battle Royale Shooter Goes into Open Beta Today, Trailer Here

By |March 1, 2024|

Caveman Studio, the developers behind team-based shooter Contractors (2018), today released the open beta of Contractors Showdown, its upcoming battle royale game for Quest and SteamVR headsets.

The 45-player battle royale shooter presents a pretty big battlefield, touting a 16km² island that’s around a quarter the size of Manhattan, albeit including a mix of landscape with the standard array of dilapidated buildings, various landmarks, hills, and other structures to hide around.


New Vision Pro App Brings Faster Typing by Using the iPhone in Your Pocket

By |March 1, 2024|

Even with great hand-tracking, writing anything more than a quick search on Vision Pro’s virtual floating keyboard leaves something to be desired since you’re basically back at the ‘hunt and peck’ stage of typing. You can opt to use a Bluetooth keyboard, or voice-to-text input, but did you know you can also use the iPhone right in your pocket?

Created by Mathijs Kadijk of Nonstrict B.V., Typos is a free app for Vision Pro that lets you do just that. Granted, it doesn’t provide the sort of system-wide access to text input fields like Apple might […]

Edtech Show & Tell: March 2024

By |March 1, 2024|

New edtech products that have caught our attention this month

Friday 5: K-12 computer science trends

By |March 1, 2024|

Key points:

K-12 computer science is a lifelong skill for all students

North Dakota to require computer science for all K-12 students

How robots and our school’s buddy program bring computer science to life

For more news on computer science education, visit eSN’s STEM hub

K-12 computer science is essential, not just for students who may pursue computer science or STEM fields in college or the workforce. Computer science principles give students critical computational thinking skills that will serve them in any career field or professional endeavor.

Let’s take a look at K-12 computer science trends and where computer science education […]

Newly Announced ‘Neuromancer’ TV Show Could Be Another Big Moment for VR to Make an Impact

By |February 29, 2024|

Apple announced that it’s bringing a new show to Apple TV+ based on William Gibson’s award-winning cyberpunk novel Neuromancer (1984), offering another big moment for VR to take the limelight.

According to Apple, the upcoming 10-episode drama series is slated to follow the novel’s narrative of “a damaged, top-rung super-hacker named Case who is thrust into a web of digital espionage and high stakes crime with his partner Molly, a razor-girl assassin with mirrored eyes aiming to pull a heist on a corporate dynasty with untold secrets.”

If you haven’t read Gibson’s novel, which coined the term ‘cyberspace’, you may be […]

Apple Reportedly Expands Vision Pro Production Capacity Following Successful US Launch

By |February 29, 2024|

We may soon be nearing global release for Apple Vision Pro. According to a report from independent tech analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, US demand for the $3,500 mixed reality headset has slowed over the past month, however the company may be ramping production above original estimates thanks to better-than-expected market performance.

According to Kuo, who has been one of the key figures in Apple supply chain analysis, US shipments of Vision Pro are projected to account for 200,000–250,000 units this year, which is better than Apple’s alleged estimate of 150,000–200,000 units in the US.

Kuo maintains that over […]

Museum of Science, Boston releases equity-oriented engineering curricula

By |February 29, 2024|

Key points:

New learning tools encourage all children to see themselves as engineers and problem solvers poised to make a difference in the world

First-ever National STEM Festival welcomes student innovators

Elementary-level STEM education fosters our future innovators

For more news on engineering curriculum, visit eSN’s STEM & STEAM hub

Bringing public science learning beyond its onsite exhibits and programs, the Museum of Science, Boston has launched Youth Engineering Solutions (YES), a collection of preK-8 engineering and STEM curricula designed to engage students in authentic, hands-on challenges connected to their lives and communities.

YES draws on more than three decades […]

XR Insiders Reflect on Apple Vision Pro Development and Industry Impact

By |February 29, 2024|

The Voices of VR Podcast never misses an opportunity to document the ongoing history of the XR space. With Vision Pro now in the hands of many, host Kent Bye recently interviewed two XR insiders that have been part of the industry for more than a decade each.

The launch of Apple Vision Pro is in some ways the most significant event for the XR industry since the acquisition of Oculus by Meta back in 2014. With Apple bringing new ideas to the table, the headset has prompted reflections on the XR industry up to this point and where […]

Meta and LG Confirm Partnership to “Accelerate XR Business” in Wake of Vision Pro Launch

By |February 29, 2024|

LG announced a collaboration with Meta focused on strengthening the XR business of both companies.

Following the release of Vision Pro, it has become apparent that Apple has a serious game plan for its XR line of devices. Now that their product and focus is out in the open, the market is beginning to respond.

Today LG formally announced a partnership with Meta, which the two companies hope will “expedite [their] XR” ventures.

According to the announcement, Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg met at LG’s Seoul headquarters with top executives, including William Cho, CEO and Park Hyoung-sei, President of the company’s Home Entertainment […]

Unofficial SteamVR Driver for PSVR 2 to Release Soon as Sony Plans its Own PC VR Support

By |February 28, 2024|

Sony says it’s bringing some form of PC VR support to PSVR 2 at some point this year, although it’s not clear when, or even how the company will go about letting users play games like Half-Life: Alyx (2020) or popular social VR platforms equally missing from the headset’s game catalogue. But some won’t have to wait: iVRy, an unofficial project dedicated to the task, is bringing it long-awaited SteamVR driver to PSVR 2 sometime next month.

Exactly one year since the start of the project, Mediator Software announced on X (formerly Twitter) that its iVRy SteamVR driver for PSVR 2 has […]

Eduaide.Ai: How To Use It To Teach

By |February 28, 2024|

Eduaide.Ai makes lesson planning and assessment easier using smart machine learning

Sony to Shutter ‘Blood & Truth’ London Studio, Layoffs at ‘Horizon Call of the Mountain’ Studio

By |February 27, 2024|

Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO Jim Ryan announced today that the company is laying off 900 PlayStation employees, or around eight percent of the company, which will affect a number of its first-party game studios. This includes the closure of Sony’s London Studio, which created VR action-adventure game Blood & Truth (2019).

Ryan announced the news in a company-wide email today, noting that layoffs will affect a number of PlayStation studios across across the Americas, EMEA, Japan, and APAC.

The email wasn’t specific on where the layoffs will occur, with employees in the US expected to be notified today at […]

Qualcomm’s Head of XR is Leaving at a Pivotal Moment for the Industry

By |February 27, 2024|

Hugo Swart, General Manager and Vice President of XR at Qualcomm, has announced his departure from the company at a pivotal moment in the industry.

Hugo Swart, who has been with Qualcomm for 20 years, this week announced that he’s leaving the company. Most recently, Swart has been the company’s GM & VP of XR for more than six years.

Swart was a driving force behind the company’s Snapdragon XR series of chipsets, which currently power the vast majority of major headsets on the market. Under his tenure, the division worked closely with Meta. Not only are Snapdragon chips in […]

’90s Classic ‘Tomb Raider’ is Coming to Quest & Pico in Unofficial Team Beef VR Port

By |February 27, 2024|

Team Beef, the modding group behind a slew of unofficial VR ports of classic games, announced their next project is Tomb Raider (1996), which will bring the action-adventure game to standalone headsets Quest and Pico VR.

Unlike the version playable through CitraVR, Team Beef says the BeefRaiderXR version will be a full VR port, which aims to include everything you’d expect: full 6DOF tracking, an immersive first-person POV, dual wielding weapons, and motion-triggered actions.

The modding group, which is known for standalone VR ports such as Duke Nukem 3D, Prey, and Quake 4, says BeefRaiderXR will also release publicly once development is […]

One of the First Oculus Rift Games is Currently One of Vision Pro’s Best

By |February 27, 2024|

Proton Pulse, originally created for the Oculus Rift DK1 development kit in 2013, has been re-released on Apple Vision Pro this week. Practically untouched from its original head-tracked input scheme, the game marks a soft reset in XR game development as developers assess how to approach Vision Pro’s lack of controllers.

Created by developer Justin Moravetz, Proton Pulse was first built for the Rift DK1, the very first headset released by Oculus for developers. The game was also released on Google Cardboard, Google Daydream, Samsung GearVR, Oculus Go, and the Oculus Rift consumer headsets.

And now, more than 10 years […]