ShowDC Metaverse Mall

"Play, Create, Energise, Connect"
  • World’s First Metaverse fusing Shopping, Tourism and Edutainment experiences for global customers
  • World’s First Inclusive Metaverse Destination (Accessible, and built together with the blind)
  • World’s First ESG-aware Metaverse Ecosystem (ESG: Environment, Social, Governance)
  • Thailand’s First Transactional Metaverse showcasing experiences, attractions, products and services from every province in Thailand.
  • Unique Metaverse enabling Meta Tenants to showcase and sell digital assets.

Simple Demo


“ShowDC Metaverse Mall (“MetaMall”)” is a strategic collaboration between SHOW DC Corporate Limited (“SDC”) in Thailand and St. Uriel Education Pte Ltd (“STU”) in Singapore. The MetaMall is a metaverse destination designed to provide unique shopping and edutainment experiences through “Play, Create, Energise, Connect” to both the local and global audience, combining both the real and virtual worlds.

Notable “Firsts”:

  1. The MetaMall will be the first metaverse shopping and edutainment mall in Thailand that will combine both entertainment and education into experiences that engages customers to “Play, Create, Energise, and Connect”. It will showcase and offers transactional benefits for tourist attractions, cultural and historical information and experiences, unique products, and services from each, and every province in Thailand.
  2. The MetaMall will be the first metaverse shopping and edutainment mall in the world that will be inclusive, accessible by the blind, and that will be built together with the blind. It will also be the first metaverse to connect the community-in-need (blind, blind with multiple disabilities, and those with low vision) with the community-of-service (volunteers, donors).
  3. The MetaMall will be the first metaverse shopping and edutainment mall in the world that actively seeks global partnerships with stakeholders in the tourism, entertainment and education sectors that share a common vision – which is to create shared value, that not only enhances the competitiveness and enterprise value of each party, but also promotes the wellbeing of the communities and societies for which we are a part of. Partners are expected to recognize and integrate ESG (Environment, Social, Governance) aspects into the MetaMall, making it the first Metaverse experience in the world that promotes ESG.

Partnerships that deliver:

The MetaMall business model is scalable and sustainable, leveraging on distributed assets and knowledge of our extensive network of key selected partners.

  1. In Thailand, the MetaMall will engage with key partners in every province which will in turn be responsible for managing the content, experiences, products, and services for those provinces. We strongly believe that local partners have deep local knowledge, which translates into unique and differentiated experiences that will interest both the local and international audience.
  2. Globally, the MetaMall will engage with key partners from tourism, entertainment, and education industries. In so doing, the MetaMall will aggregate and fuse local and international experiences – further engaging customers with fresh experiences and edutainment in the long term.
  3. The MetaMall will have communities of learning championed by selected partners, where the Gen Z and students of today will be able to engage in education technologies and pathways, that prepares them for jobs and opportunities in the 4th Industrial Revolution.