For the last five or so years I’ve used Certify’em to automatically send certificates to students when they successfully complete a quiz in Google Forms. I also use it to issue certificates to participants in my workshops, webinars, and self-paced courses. There have been some changes to Certify’em since the last time I published a tutorial on how to use it. That’s why I recorded this new Certify’em tutorial

In this short video I demonstrate how to create a simple quiz in Google Forms and enable Certify’em to automatically generate and send certificates to students. In the video I point out how to avoid a common frustration when using Certify’em for the first time. 

Certify’em offers a library of free certificate templates that you can use. You also have the option to use certificates of your own design in Certify’em. To use your own certificate design you will need to have it stored in Google Slides. In the following video I demonstrate how to create a custom certificate in Google Slides.