Soundtrap for Education is an educational platform that draws on the power of music to facilitate learning across different subjects and grade levels. Soundtrap studio empowers teachers and students with the tools required to transform music education into meaningful learning experiences in and outside classroom. 

Soundtrap offers a wide variety of features including the ability to invite multiple people to collaborate on the same music project, transcribe audio recordings into editable text, over 4000 high quality beats and presets, the ability to create your own beats, and  more.

Soundtrap Education also offers a huge library of pre-made lesson plans that can be easily adapted to various learning environments. Lesson plans cover various subjects including literacy, science, math, social science, history, world language, geography, visual art, culture, STEM, among others. You can search for lesson plans by subject or age.

For music teachers, there are tons of teacher-made lesson plans ready for use in your class, all of which are available for free. Simply click on the plus sign next to the category Music and scroll down to see a list of lesson plans. When you find the lesson plan you want to use click on the View button to access it.

Below are four examples of music lesson plans featured in Soundtrap for Education :

Adding tracks
“Students will demonstrate their ability to add software instrument tracks by creating a project with at least three tracks”

Create your own ringtone
“Students will demonstrate basic proficiency with Soundtrap by using loops to compose and export a short audio file.”

Composition project
“Students will compose a piece of music in relation to an inspiration by effectively producing sounds together in a digital audio workstation.”

Drum beats project
“Students will demonstrate their understanding of rhythmic notation by accurately completing the Drum Beats Sheet.”