Walkabout Mini Golf (2020) always seems to rank among the top games on Quest, which is no doubt thanks to its uncommonly high degree of polish and consistently fun gameplay. Now developers Mighty Coconut have finally released the long-awaited paid DLC inspired by Jim Henson’s ’80s classic LABYRINTH (1986), letting you dive head first into a course set in a magical world filled with memorable characters and iconic scenes from the fantasy film.

Update (July 29th, 2022): Walkabout Mini Golf released its first licensed DLC, based on JIm Henson’s LABYRINTH.

The paid DLC is priced at $3, and is said to include “creatures, faeries, goblins, and iconic scenes.” Mighty Coconut calls it a “vivid, challenging, character-filled, and richly realized course.”

Like all of the game’s courses, you can play solo or with up to four other players. The DLC includes 18 easy and 18 hard mode holes, and of course 18 special lost balls to collect throughout. Check out the trailer below:

Original Article (March 2nd, 2022): Mighty Coconut announced the studio has signed a deal with The Jim Henson Company to develop a 36-hole course based on LABYRINTH, which will be released in Summer 2022.

There’s no trailer out yet, but we’re hoping to see more than a few of our favorite characters. Granted, David Bowie has already been officially immortalized in VR, but never before as Jareth the Goblin King—glam metal hair and all.

The infectious, well-made mini golf game features loads of levels, and also the option to tack on more via themed DLC. The base game comes with eight 18-hole courses, all of which is playable in the optional ‘night mode’ for added difficulty. The studio has also released three paid DLC packs, all of which feature 36 holes: “Gardens of Babylon’, ‘Shangri-La’, and ‘Sweetopia’.

Image courtesy Mighty Coconut

Since it was released on Quest in 2020, Walkabout Mini Golf has consistently stayed in the top 20 Quest games by user rating. It’s one of those surprising little titles that not only looks like it belongs on a much more powerful headset, but is such a consistent and well-made experience that it actually feels like playing mini golf—not an easy task since golfing relies on good hand-eye coordination along with the sort of proprioception that you take for granted outside of VR.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for trailers in the coming months—summer is only around four months away—so we’ll be tuned to Walkabout Mini Golf’s YouTube channel and Twitter in the meantime.