As I mentioned last week, my daughters have started to enjoy Elinor Wonders Why on PBS Kids. While they were watching an episode this morning I went on the PBS Kids website to search for some Elinor-themed learning activities. I wasn’t disappointed with what I found. 

The parents page for Elinor Wonders Why is full of resources for activities for parents do with their children. Of course, the resources are also great for elementary school teachers who are looking for some hands-on activities. On the parents page you’ll find directions for making Elinor-themed finger puppets, placemats, mini-libraries, costumes, and many other craft projects. You’ll also find directions and templates for creating investigative activities like identifying insects and sorting “treasures” found in nature. 

PBS Kids also offers some online games for kids to play and learn from. Those games include the investigative style games Elinor’s Nature Adventure, Pond Life, and Backyard Life. There are seven games in all. All of the games can be played without having to sign-up or sign into any kind of account. The games I tested worked equally well in the web browser on my laptop and on my iPad.