A couple of weeks ago I held a webinar about creating your own apps. Afterward, one of the participants, Candy, emailed me to share a neat site that I hadn’t previously seen. That site is called Kidzcourse, Super Courses for Super Kids

Kidzcourse offers twelve courses featuring hands-on activities for kids from ages six through thirteen. All of the courses include downloadable materials like templates for making board games, developing storyboards, and making escape room activities. Each course also has video tutorials to help students complete the required tasks. 

Some of the hands-on Kidzcourses that stood out to me were Building an Escape Room, Paper Circuits, Save the Ocean, and Build an App

Applications for Education
Kidzcourses can be done at home with parents. They can also be completed as in-classroom activities. Kidzcourse provides educators with supply lists, learning objectives, and handouts for each course. Some of the courses could be great as group projects that students do at the start of the school year to build some good cooperative learning habits in a fun and educational way.