NoRedInk is a website that helps students become better writers. It offers a wide variety of writing and grammar activities together with targeted exercises that help learners develop specific writing skills. NoRedInk online writing curriculum includes various types of adaptive exercises designed to enhance students writing style in terms of fluency, grammatical accuracy, and writing mechanics. 

NoRedInk offers teachers an interactive platform where they can create classes, share assignments, and run diagnostic assessments. Using Assessment Library, teachers can browse through, preview and create different types of assessments including quizzes, unit diagnostics, passage quizzes, and many more.  

Teachers can use NoRedInk diagnostic assessments to evaluate students grasp of specific writing and grammar skills and provide support  and targeted practice. NoRedInk also offers diagnostic reports that track usage and growth. Students can also use Peer Review activities to share anonymous feedback on each other’s writings. Peer Review activities are especially great for ‘building skills and targeted revision’.

What Assignment Library?

Assignment Library is where you can browse, preview and create new assignments for your classes. NoRedInk grammar and writing curriculum is arranged into three sections in Assignment Library: Practice, Writing, and Assessment:

 1- Practice: Practice section features targeted exercises that help students develop specific writing and grammar skills.

  2- Writing: Writing section features four types of activities: Quick Write (students engage in writing practice using selected prompts), Guided Draft (students practice writing essays drawing on help from tutorials and essay models), Peer Review (students submit their writings to their peers and get anonymous feedback), Self Review  (students reviews drafts of the essays they have written).

  3- Assessment: There are four assessment activities: Planning Diagnostic (helps you plan ‘your semester with an overview of your class’s strengths and weaknesses’), Unit Diagnostic (helps with measuring students learning growth), Quiz (a graded assessment to evaluate students comprehension), and Passage Quiz (use it to ‘assess grammar skills in context with a multi-paragraph passage’).

How to create a class on NoRedInk?

NoRedInk allows teachers to create classes and invite/add students. To create your first class in NoRedInk, log in to your account, click on Manage Classes, and select Add New Class. Next, type in the name of your class and select grades. Once done, click on Add New Class. While you can add as many students to your class as you want, however, for better performance, NoRedInk recommends adding only up to 45 students.

How to add students to your NoRedInk class?

There are three ways to add students to your NoRedInk class: through invite link, using a class code, or manually. If you select the earlier, students will be able to sign-up for NoRedInk  and their account will be automatically enrolled in your class. If you choose to invite by link, students will need to enter the class code when they sign up for a new NoRedInk student account. If they already have an account, they need to add the code from their homepage.

Alternatively, you can add students manually in which case you will need to input students names on your Manage Classes page and create new account for each student. You will also need to share usernames and passwords with students.

How much does NoRedInk cost?

NoRedInk offers both  free and premium subscriptions. NoRedInk premium, available at custom prices for schools, comes with a wide variety of features including over 10 grading rubrics, state specific assessments, self-paced virtual training, exclusive webinars, and many more.