The Transformers were set to take their first big step into VR earlier this year on PlayStation VR and PC VR headsets, however developers Meta4 and publisher Hasbro put an indefinite hold on its first-person shooter Transformers: Beyond Reality. Now the studio says it’s launching the game on PSVR on September 1st.

Update (August 27th, 2022): Meta4 announced that Transformers: Beyond Reality is set to launch on PSVR on September 1st. The studio currently doesn’t have plans to bring the game to PC VR as previously mentioned, stating that, for now, the studio is “working with our friends at Sony as a PSVR exclusive.”

The studio notes in a tweet they’ll “see what the future brings from there,” which could mean we might see it on other VR platforms in the future. Meta4 also released a new trailer, which we linked below:

Original Article (April 10th, 2022): The on-rails arcade shooter was set to launch on PSVR and SteamVR headsets on March 31st, however a day before its intended release developers Meta4 announced the game would be delayed. Until when, we aren’t sure.

You know how Starscream could always find a way to derail Megatron’s best-laid plans? While it wasn’t him, the release of Transformers: Beyond Reality has been derailed by reasons beyond our control.

— TransformersVR (@TransformersVr) March 30, 2022

Announced in October 2021, Transformers: Beyond Reality lets you fight as a human alongside some Autobot pals, tasking you gun to down Insecticons, Decepticons, and travel to Cybertron as you “fight to save both planets from annihilation.”

It’s not certain when the game will launch. Meta4 says once they have an update, they’ll let everyone know.

Oddly enough, its launch date announcement came in late February, promising a March 31st release whilst still showing a “WORK IN PROGRESS” watermark on top of game footage.

Based in Montreal, Canada, Meta4 is known for its location-based entertainment projects such as the multiplayer arcade games Transformers VR Battle Arena and Chaos Jump. It’s also known for creating early VR experiences, such as Time Machine VR (2016) and escape room game The Other Room (20017).