Generation Genius is an educational website that offers standards-based K-8 video lessons covering various science and math topics. Each video lesson comes with a detailed lesson plan, discussion questions, and an assessment section that features three main types of assessment types namely online quiz games, quiz PDF, and Exit ticket. Generation Genius also offers a monthly homekit that contains supplies to help kids (under the supervision of adults) carry out hands-on science experiments at home.

Generation Genius, created by Dr. Jeff Vinokur, is web-based and works right in your browser. It also enables you to create a classroom account that you can use with your students. You can send out links to them and they will be able to access video lessons without the need for creating an account. There is also a school account which gives all teachers and students (in one building) unlimited access to Generation Genius materials . 

As a teacher, you can use Generation Genius resources to supplement your K-8 curriculum and enrich your instruction with more challenging educational materials (e.g.,  DIY activities,  step by step tutorials, teacher guides, and more).

1. Generation Genius Science Lessons

Generation Genius provides access to a huge collection of standards-based science lessons that include educational videos, printables quizzes, lesson plans, DIY activities, teacher guides, and more.You can browse these resources by grade (k-2, 3-5, and 6-8) or search by topic.

Science topics covered in these lessons include multicellular organisms, introduction to sound, forces, engineering, atoms, molecules, tectonic plates, erosion and weathering, solar and lunar eclipses, the five senses, structure of living things, and many more. Generation Genius Science Lessons are produced in partnership with the National Science Teachers Association.

Generation Genius Math Lessons

Generation Genius offers a wide variety of standards-based math lessons that include educational videos, lesson plans, printable quizzes, reading materials, practice problems, teacher guides, and more. Generation Genius math videos are produced in partnership with the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics. 

These math resources are arranged by grade into the following categories: K-2, 3-5, and 6-8. Each Math video lesson comes with the following elements: objectives of the lesson, discussion questions (includes questions to use before and after watching the video), vocabulary, reading materials, lesson plans, assessment (includes online quiz game, quiz PDF, and Exit ticket), and more. 

Generation Genius Home Kits

Generation Genius offers a science kit that can be delivered right to your home once a month. The kit, designed specifically for use at home, contains 3 fun hands-on experiments for ages 9+ with adults sidekicks. The kit contains all the materials your kid needs to carry on science experiments at home. It also includes a unique URL and password to access and watch step-by-step instructional videos by Dr. Jeff. As of right now, Science kits are shipped only to US addresses. 

How much does Generation Genius cost?

Generation Genius offers different pricing packages and plans. There are plans for Home, Classroom, School, and District. You can also select whether you want a science only, a math only, or science and math subscription. For instance, the science and math subscription costs $145/year for the Home plan, $175/year for the Classroom plan, $1795/year for the School plan, and custom pricing for District plan. Check out this page to learn more about Generation Genius plans and pricing.

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